Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Off to Manila this Friday

What to do in MANILA???? HELP!!

This is a totally unexpected trip. Our company is under going a huge change in the Professional Management System from the Fidelio System to Par Springer Miller System (PSMS). Its a super duper huge project. Being in the Core team .... has been so far pretty interesting, cos we get to set it up for the entire company!!

Anyway two of us will be sent to Manila to observe how Mandarin Oriental, Manila underwent the entire process of change and transition to PSMS. It will be rather non stop, cos there will be tons and tons of questions on How did u do this? Why did u do that? What has the change incurred? What are the new processes? ... and la di da and lad di di!!!!

The really POSTIVE note is that ... we will get to stay at one of the best hotels in Manila .... the Mandarin Oriental of course !!!

Cantik or not their Room?

So the trip will be from this Friday (3 Aug) to next Thursday (9 Aug). Yups ... its a really long time to be away from the family and kids!! Don't really wish for that to happen, but unfortunately the timing is as such.

Will update more ....... sooon!

ANYONE .... what to do in Manila? (not that we have a lot of time) Heard that we should buy Mangoes .. as in Preserved Mangoes!! Hmmm ... any suggestions?

*Now u know why so busy and no time to Blog!!
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