Sunday, February 10, 2008

Found a Shortcut to Activate Bluetooth on the TyTN II

I don't know why its done this way? But Bluetooth is one of the easiest way of sharing files and music with friends and its found on nearly all mobile phones these days.

But it takes me close to 5 to 6 clicks in order to activate it and to make it visible to others! Really really really irritating!!!

You would have thought that the basic functionality of switching on the Bluetooth should be right on the Today screen, so that anyone can just click on it and then have it running, and connecting to your bluetooth headset.

When i installed the Wisbar Advance 3, (will blog more about it another day) i thought i would have found the answer to the Bluetooth functionality. However despite its 1001 applications for launching, setting and communication, it lacked the "switch on Bluetooth!" SIGH!!

It was only today when i was browsing thru some Phone forums when i accidently discovered a new tool called the "Today Radio Device Toggler". Yups it doesnt sound really fance and it doesnt really have that drawing factor. It also has another name - "EFFComm plugin"

Best part its a FREEware plugin that you can download it from the internet (links below). If you look at the Capture Screen below, you will see right at the top of the Today Screen you have THREE functions:
1) Bluetooth OFF/ON
2) Wi-Fi OFF/ON
3) Phone OFF/ON
Its really cool and saves you lots of time from running here and there trying to switch on your Bluetooth button! :) Enjoy it!!


Download the Cab File from this Website or

Download it from FreewarePPC

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Nice Big Clock for the Today Screen (TyTN II)

I really like the Big Digital Clock that comes built in with the HTC Today Screen on the TyTNII. But the HTC Today Screen is too BIG. It takes up nearly 1/3 of the Phone Screen with its various built-in apps.

As you can see from the Above screen shot, the Digital Clock is massive (and i like it so much), but its just that the Program Launchers that's built in into the HTC Today screen is just lacking in functionalities and limited in its customization.

Afer playing around with a couple of Laucnhers, i finally stuck with the SPB Pocket Plus 4.02 Launcher. Its totally radical with totally customizable buttons and applications and it has so many other cool tools that you can set it in!

I love the 5 Tabs that it gives you where you can put in all the various applications that you want to launch, you can group them by categories or by any order you want. U can choose your icons to be Large or Small with labels and without!! Its so so so coool! :)

So using SPB Pocket Plus really beats the HTC Today launcher. The only thing that i really miss is the big digital clock in HTC. Yes, I know that there's a tiny clock at the top on the Task Bar. But that's really tiny, i would like to see the time at a glance and .... from a distance! :)

After hunting for many many weeks, i finally stumbled on a FREEware Clock, which its pretty decent, and has a rather large digital clock (you can change it to the analog clock to if you prefer).

Its called the Dr Puttingham Samsung Time plug-in. Don't ask me why Dr Puttingham?

But why the Samsung Time? Cos this clock is taken from the Samsung BlackIce Phone. :)

If you look at the screen shot below, just ignore the blue background, and just imagine it as a plug-in clock for your Today Screen, where you can customize the location of it on your Today Screen. And its working really fine for me!!!

So i am now using the SPB Pocket Plus launcher but with the Samsung Time at the top! :)


Download for FREE Dr Puttingham Samsung Time Plugin