Monday, January 21, 2008

YAY Wednesday is a Holiday

Woo Hoo!! Now that's what i call a BLESSING! :)

I always thot Thaipusam being a Selangor holiday is unfair! Cos i work in KL!:)

So when PM announced that its a Holiday for 2008 .. woo hoo! That's the way to go!!

Feeling Happy!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Advertlets New Leaderboard Ad

I was always wondering when would Advertlets come up with a Bigger Ad Design that would fit on top of my blogs.

Was really happy when I received a mail from Josh today informing that a couple of us got selected to test out Advertlets New Leaderboard Ad Design.

The Leaderboard AD (i am sure u can see it on top) is 728 x 90 in size, and if i didn't read his message wrongly, the potential of cpm earnings would be much greater thru this ad size!!!

We're testing it out for now ... and i hope to see the earnings go up!! :)

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Advertlets auto forwards to AdBaaz

It was funny when i logged into this morning and to find that they seem to have a new layout.

Then when i looked closer i realized that at the top of the webpage, that the Advertlets Domain has expired!!

I was like NOooooooooooooo!!! How come advertlets website is down? I hope its only temporal.

When i googled "Advertlets expired" i found Danny Foo's website explaining that two things that was happening, one was that the domain for Advertlets was expired and secondly if u had the Advertlets code on your blog, it was forwarding it to some funny adbaaz site!!

And the first comment on Danny's Blog was from Josh Lim who said that Advertlets was not closed!! I am glad to hear it.. but i sure do hope that Advertlets fixes its domain problem fast!!!

So what to do?

I didn't want all my web traffic to go do so the next best thing to do was to go to all my blogs ... sigh one by one .. and remove all the Advertlets code from it!

No choice lor ... it was a painful process .... rather it was long and tedious cos the codes were in some of the Widgets in the Page Element and then there were some codes that was in the HTML section!!!

So aiyoh lah ... step by step have to remove them until it was all gone!!

Otherwise .... if you tried to come to this blog, it would have auto directed you to some funny website on adbaaz!

I do hope that Advertlets fixes the problem fast and that the domain / site will be stable!!

Let's see what happens next!!

Curiously .... .. which is one of Josh Lim's blog is also down!!

There's a FAQ site that has been set up on Click on it to get some answers to what's been happening today!!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Prayer - Joel Osteen (Lakewood Church)

Joel Osteen is the pastor of the largest growing church in USA. He pastors Lakewood Church, where Cindy Cruse Ratcliff and Israel Houghton brings you into God's presence with their anointed worship.

I stumbled upon this video clip where Joel was praying for the church the weekend before Christmas and he prayed a very anointed and powerful prayer over the church. After hearing it the first time, I played back and replayed it again (and tried to capture the prayer in text).

Claim that prayer as you start 2008 and believe that GOD has the BEST that is Yet To COME in your life!! :)

Watch the Video below

Joel Osteen's Prayer

(In Video, it starts from the 1.52 minute)

Father I thank you for all that you have done this year.

Lord, You have been good to us. Even for those who have not seen your blessing,in the way we have hope, we know that you are still in control.

We believe that our best days are still right in front of us, that you still have great victories in stored for each one of us.

Father, we choose right now to let go of everything that didn't work out. We let go of every disappointment. Father just stir our faith and we thank Yougot New Seasons in stored for each one of us.

Father I thank you that even today as we are worshipping You, You are making our crooked places straight. You are going before us making rough places smooth.

Father I thank you that each one of us will fullfill the destiny that You have laid out for us. We believe that no weapon formed against us will ever prosper. That even today we thank You that you are fighting our battles for us.

Father I Pray that we feel hope rising in our hearts, that we get a bigger vision of victory for our life. That we will know in a bigger way that You are still in control, that You've great things in store.

And just stand against the forces of darkness that's trying to pull us down thru sickness, thru discouragement, thru problems in our relationship, thru financial difficulty. Whatever it may be, we believe those forces are broken right now.

Father we thank you that Greater is He that's in us than he that ever comes against us. We know if You be for us, who dares even be against us.

Father, we've seen you do great things in the past, we know that You can do greater things in the future. So Father we are releasing our faith today. That we will enter into New Seasons of your increase, New Seasons of your blessings and favor.

I pray for every person that's here. You know their needs, just thank You that You are restoring joy, restoring peace, restoring health, restoring victory, restoring vision. Lord, whatever the enemy is trying to steal today, we thank You that you are not only gonna restore, You will bring us out better off than we were before.

We thank you that You are our vindicator. You said when we keep our trust in You, You will double for our former shame, double for any trouble that will come into our lives.

Today we stir our faith up, we enlarge our vision. We believe You've got greater things in store for each one of us. We just declare it by faith just like we were singing, We Are Overcomers, We are Victors not Victims. We are strong in the Lord and the power of your Might. We are well able to do what You have called us to do.

We are called, we are chosen, we are equipped, we are empowered, we are talented, we are creative. We walk in divine health.

Your favor is surrounding us like a shield. We thank You for all You've done for us in the past but we release our faith for even greater things in the future.

Father I thank You even today for making those crooked places straight. We thank you for 2007 for victories, for blessings, for protecting us.

Father we thank You that the best is still yet to come. We declare it by faith, we are Victors and not victims.

In Jesus Name


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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Password Manager - SPLASH ID for Windows Mobile 6

One of my other hesitation from moving from the Palm OS to the Windows Mobile OS was the fact that i was heavily dependant on several applications on my palm which i really needed!!

Yups.. its not like one of those games ... Bejewelled2 where if u have it or not... can still survive. But this was really a need.

How many of u utilize a Password Manager? I totally use the Splash ID on my palm. It contains ALLLLLL the information i need and its securedly protected.

From my Bank Account numbers to Web Logins to Blood Group ... u name it! All the softwares with their Serials... its all tightly locked up in Splash ID. What's great about it is that its easy to use, and it has a Desktop Software that syncs all the data with your device.

SO guess how happy I was when i found the Splash ID for Pocket PC. I was totally elated and immediately downloaded it from Pocket Gear to test it out. I managed to export all the data out from the Splash ID Palm OS, and i simply imported the data into the Splash ID for Pocket PC .. and all the data and categories just popped out!!

Talk about Coooooolnesss! :)

So if you're looking for a Password Manager ... i strongly recommend Splash ID!! :) And its so convenient if u are doing banking and u have all your info/data with you in your TyTN II!! :)

Check out Splash ID for Pocket PC at Pocket Gear

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