Thursday, April 24, 2008

Facial Exercises to Destress

Got this from a friend.. and i think its hilarious.

I hope the gif animation works on blogger (sometimes it doesn't).

See how u can de-stress, by following the Facial exercises below. :)

Let me know if it works :)

Mr Bean Exercise 1
Facial Exercise

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Wait to Watch Jet Li & Jackie Chan Fight!!!

Oooooh can't wait for The Forbidden Kingdom. I mean its the best of the best of the best kung fu action stars fighting!! :) WOO HOO!!

Was trying to catch some cool wall papers of Jet Li & Jackie Chan in action, but unfortunately the official website only has boring single shot photos of the main characters. Sigh! They should have taken opportunity to have some cool fight scenes as wallpaper copies, i am sure more people would have downloaded them!!

Anyway . .its showing tomorrow on Malaysian shores, and i can't wait to go watch it!

Watch the Trailer below. Looking gooooood!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

When Ads are Following You


This must be a new way of advertising. Nowadays we are so exposed to Ads. Mebbe OVER Exposed to all ads everywhere we turn, when we drive!

Was amazed when i saw this Green Truck outside of Tesco today which was displaying a HUGE TV screen with something running on it. AMAZING!!


Here's a Close Up!!

Now we will have advertisements following after us wherever we go!!



On the UP Side... we received a FREE KFC meal today from

KFC's anniversary launch. So we got to makan some yummy yummy

foood for FREE! :) YAY!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Planet Shakers, Hillsong United, Passion 268 Concerts in Malaysia

2008 is an Amazing Year! This is the first time i believe in this history of Malaysia where three awesome Christian bands will be coming to bless the churches in Malaysia.

In April we have Planet Shakers doing a concert in both FGA & City Church KL.

In May we have Hillsong United doing a concert in Glad Tidings PJ.

In August we have Passion World Tour duing a concert in KL (venue to be advised).

And we're talking about key people like Joel Houston from Hills, Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio will be gracing the shores of Malaysia. Its gonna be an awesome time of celebration and praise. So block the dates and get ready to celebrate.

Click on the links for more details! :)

Malaysia Christian Concerts 2008

Planet Shakers in Malaysia - 12 & 13 April 2008

Planet Shakers - 12 & 13 April 2008

Hillsong United in Malaysia - 28 May 2008

Hillsong United - 28 May 2008

Passion World Tour in Malaysia - 3 August 2008

Passion - 3 August 2008

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