Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Stuff on my HTC TyTNII - SPC Mobile, Jeyo SMS & TouchPal

WOOOO HOOOO! I am really happy, managed to install three new applications on my HTC TyTNII today!! And I feel that it really brings my phone to the next level!!

I installed the SPC Mobile Shell, Jeyo Mobile Extender (SMS Application with Outlook) and TouchPal.

Wah liau all three applications are really brilliant. Let me give u a BRIEF on what they can do and why i absolutely LOVE it!

1. The first application that I installed today was the SPC Mobile Shell. Tks to Danny Tan, who showed off his HTC P3600i yesterday and i literally mean "SHOW OFF" his Now Screens. They are absolutely FAB and Super cool. They GUI makes it feel like the whole screen changes as if you're reading a book, where the page turns from left to right or right to left. And when you click on the folders, it just unfolds out!!

SPC Mobile ShellSPC Mobile Shell
The above two screen shots really do not do justice, i was trying to find a gif animation to show u what i meant, but can't find it!! Boo Hoo! Come and check out my phone and u will know what i mean!!

Touch Pal
2. The second application that i installed today was the TouchPal. If you read my earlier post, i thought i found the best T9 Keypad for a HTC Phone, the HTC PhonePad 1.0, but after listening to both Andrew & Daniel ... actually more of Daniel yesterday when he showcased what the Touch Pal could do, then i realize.. yups this is the BEST!!

First of all its a QWERTY Keyboard, which may look confusing at a glance, but after using it a bit, its so great, cos u can SLIDE on the keypad. For example if u look at the scren above, if u want to type number one, u press on the "q w" key and just slide up to get to "1". Its really fun and easy to use!

The ONE UP over PhonePad is that it can save all your own words. Well PhonePad allows u to save it temporary, but once u soft-reset its all gone. This one stays! :) U shud try it out if u are like me and love to type with one hand, and not use the stylus all the time.

3. The third application that i installed today was not on my HTC TyTNII, but rather on my Desktop PC. I finally found an application that syncs with your phone SMS, and its absolutely brilliant!! Its called the Jeyo Mobile Extender.

Jeyo SMS

Well ... u can't really see much from it on this screen. The above is just a header of the Outlook 2007 tooldbar. And the Jeyo Mobile Extender just installs itself there. Each time u plug in your phone, it will automatically sync, and retrieve all your SMS from your phone into outlook!

The best part is that u can now send SMS out via Outlook! Its really brilliant!!

Actually the Bestest part for me is that i can now SAVE all my SMS! :) And still keep my phone inbox empty. WOO HOO!!

I love Windows Mobile Phones!! :)

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Exhange Lelong Points for Cash $$$

I had the strangest email two days ago! A dude emailed me and asked me if i wanted to Convert my Lelong Points (or Lelong money) into REAL Cash!!

Ah but why not?

I checked out his lelong site and he's a hard core seller on lelong with dozens of pages selling almost anything u want.

I was curious why he wanted my Lelong Points?

And then he graciously replied that he needed the lelong points to help him pay off things that he auctions off on

Hmmmmm...... anyone done this before? Should i?

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attempting Mariah Carey's Song - "Ken Lee"

This is absolutely hillarious!! Two words just sums it up ..... KEN LEE


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2008 Malaysian Cabinet of Curiousities

Wow ... an entire new line up of mostly new people that forms the new Malaysian Government. Almost a 50% change from the old and familiar faces. This reminds me of the book i read by Douglas Preston - The Cabinet of Curiousities, where each new drawer pulls out a different item that's stored in this amazing Cabinet.

I am hoping for the best, and that this new line up of new Cabinet Ministers will pave the nation ahead for a new and exciting start. I hope for justice and truth to triumph in our nation, and let's pray and watch how each new minister will fulfill their post and responsibilities and bring our developing Malaysia to a better and higher status.

More reports on the Malaysian Cabinet .... read the Star

Download the PDF copy of the 2008 Malaysian Cabinet List - here

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why do women change after marriage?

First of all i must say that i was rather surprised when Sue emailed this out. I mean these sorta things normally comes from Sean the king of lame, but anyway, i guess he's infectious and there are many lamers out there.

If you're lame you will enjoy this one.

Why do women change after marriage?

Throughout the ages, men have been trying to unlock the mystery as to why their wives who accepted them as they were before, got their behaviour and life-style changed once their vows were exchanged. Finally, the riddle was solved. A social-scientist arrived at a simple and logical conclusion.

When the bride, accompanied by her father, starts to walk slowly down the long aisle, she sees the altar at the end and hears the choir singing a hymn Walking down the aisle, the conditioning process where the brain absorbs these three stimuli: aisle, altar, hymn, begins. She becomes mesmerized as she continually reinforces these perceptions: aisle, altar, hymn . . . aisle, altar, hymn . . . aisle, altar, hymn . . .

Then finally, as she stops beside the groom, the conditioning process is completed.
She looks up at him lovingly, smiling sweetly and thinks, 'I'll alter him.'

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Church Website is now a BLOG

Glad Tidings PJ BLog
Wow... Glad Tidings PJ's website is now a BLOG, powered by Wordpress!! How awesome is that? I guess in keeping with the times and to make a website interactive, the church has made its website into a blog format.

For the untrained eye, it will still look very much like a website to you, but to bloggers out there, its a BLOG!!!

I think the coolest thing for us is that we can now comment on the posts, that's posted on the website. That will make it interactive and thus drawing more traffic to the website.

Have not seen it yet? Go on to

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where to VOTE in Malaysia?

I guess there would be some you out there who are blurr like me, on where to go and vote for this coming elections on 8 March 2008?

Was trying to remember, if i updated my new home address or was it based on the old one. My previous vote was done in PJ - La Salle school.

Thankfully we can now check ONLINE - - and with a click of a button, it informs you where you vote, the name of the school and area for voting!! Quite SMART! :)

Lokaliti: 107 / 39 / 08 / 043 - TROPICANA GOLF COUNTRY RESORT
Daerah Mengundi: 107 / 39 / 08 - SEKSYEN 4, 5 & 6 KOTA DAMANSARA
Parlimen: 107 - SUBANG

Now i just need to figure out where in the world is Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara School?
And who are the candidates in Kota Damansara? Sigh .. anyone has any clues?

Just googled, and found this map .... but its not big enuf to see where its really at!! Sigh!

Meanwhile .. our hands won't need to BLACKEN this Saturday when we go and vote. Apparently the Election Committee has opted not to have it anymore. Read more

Local Online News
- (now open to the public)
- (new online newspaper)

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Can't wait for Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ooooh can't wait for this movie to hit the screens! Have been a fan of Indiana Jones since a kid. Loved the action, fun and thrills of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade was shot ages ago.

I would never imagine them coming back to Indiana Jones and making a fourth movie, and the best part to have Harisson Ford playing a role in it! Awesome! I didnt realize that 19 years has passed since he took on the role as Indy! :)

I just watched the trailer... very exciting. If you wanna watch a lower res... click PLAY on the embeded youtube Trailer below. :)

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