Friday, August 31, 2007

Fireworks @ Ikano + Merdeka Traffic Jam @ Persiaran Surian

Happy Merdeka everyone!!!

We witnessed some happening fireworks from Ikano!! The fireworks lit up the sky for about 12-15 mins. We did not want to go anywhere near Ikano or The Curve area, we had frens telling us how bad the traffic was to get there.

Here are some pictures we caught tonite!!

Fireworks at Ikano Power Centre

Merdeka Fireworks Ikano Power Center

The Fireworks were really cool!

I wonder how much they burn in those 12 minutes!!

BUT it was really beautiful.


Here's another shot of the Fireworks.

Pity my Digital Camera is a pretty old one

and don't have all the special knobs to captuer it better.

IMG_3167 IMG_3164

See the Traffic Jam on the left side of the Picture

on Persiaran Surian, whilst the Fireworks were happilly

shooting up new sprays of design on the Top Right of the pictures.


Makes you kinda glad that you were no where near Ikano

Power Centre & The Curve at this point in time, huh?


This shot, i was playing with the exposure

and it sure looks like there's a fire over yonder!! :)

IMG_3197 IMG_3158

See how bad the Traffic was even after the Fireworks.

Cars were just lined up for kilometres .. in the direction towards

Ikano & The Curve!!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

We Painted Our Rooms on Sunday

Who would ever imagine that I would lift a finger to paint the house? haha! My concept is .. pay someone and get someone to paint it lah :)

We ended up painting TWO feature Walls in our bedrooms yesterday. It was kinda fun!

Check out our Work of Art


Tiff & I .. battled it out .. who paints which room!!

Tiff takes the Master Bedroom (Yellow)

And I took the Guest Bedroom (Lime Green)

DSC00561 DSC00564

Check out the Roller Skills ... Up & Down

as you roll the ici paint on the wall!

DSC00570 DSC00573

Actually its not too difficult. It is definitely easier than painting

with paint brushes and that the roller really keep the paint even on the wall!

DSC00576 DSC00582

Yes we did our GRAFITTI in our Bedrooms.

:) haha the only time we can do it without any worries!


Emily also helped with the Painting ....

DSC00592 DSC00595

Eunice was cool ... she did the Best job!

She help remove all the paint from spots where it was not to be painted.

Thankfully the paint was water based, so just wipe it away with a cloth! KEWL!

DSC00601 DSC00603

Ben was helping us in the Kitchen to fill up

holes in the walls (recent hacking) with some PollyFilla! :)


TA DAH!! Not bad hor? The room is all painted in Yellow!

What might those poles be u may be asking?

DSC00611 DSC00612

Its actually the "skeleton" for our LACK Bookshelf (from Ikea) .

And of course if you were to slide in the Lack Bookshelf like I did,

its very easy to get PAINT on your Head!!!!


We didn't remove the Plastic Covering from the Lack Bookshelves

So just to give u a glimpse of how it would finally look once we move in!


OH YES ... apart from Paint on my head ..

YES ... it was real work .. there was paint all over my hands!! :)

And here's the PROOF .. i WORKED!! haha

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

LOUSY Service


Horrible service! We have been ordering RO water from this company called Zone Way Marketing for the past 4 years.

Initially their service was really good hence we kept them as our RO water supplier lor. BUT!!!! BUT!! Dunno what happen to them la the past few times has been especially HORRIBLE!

Actually it has been bad since the beginning of 2007! Instead of getting better they got worst & worst! Aiyoh

1st Bad experience :- Called to order water. They said ok we will send it in 2 days. 1 week passed and still no water, Despite me calling them daily. They said sure send today but each time.....NO WATER!!
Later I called to give them a piece of my mind,..they said oh so sorry madam we are short of staff! I was like is that my problem? U have delayed my water supply for the past 1 week.

2nd Bad experience:- Ordered water & they delievered without calling me. I stay in a condo.....which means I do not have storage space....I told them pls call me so that I can return the empty bottles to them...............simple instructions right? THEY CALLED and I told them I am just 5 minutes away.....wait for me........I arrived home to find 7 bottles of water sitting at my door way! I was furious! I just spoke to them and told them to wait! THEY LEFT!! What's wrong with this people? So I am left with 9 empty bottles!

So I call them again and say cqn your delivery truck turn back and collect the empty bottles? They said can can no problem........just leave it outside & we will collect it............and so it was left outside for 8 days la!

3rd Bad experience :- Order water again.....and told them please call me before U send the water as I won't be home. Told them call me & I will make my way back to receive the delivery! 5pm in the evening NO CALL from them. So I called Zone Way and a lady answered the phone & says...dun worry water will come & they will call U first before sending!

Come 6pm,7pm,8pm no calls.........and when I arrived back home this is what I found! 6 bottles of water just left outside my door! What kind of a service is this? I have had several other incidences with them la.....I won't bother going into it....I am sure U get the picture.

LOUSY SERVICE! So people if U're looking to order water........RO Water..........dun dun DUN order from Zone Way Marketing! Otherwise U'll leave to regret it!
SIGH! I never wanted to go public with this but they never learn!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Kitchen SET UP - Part One

Our current Kitchen is actually very very small. Actually pretty good for me, cos i ain't no cook! But the typical question that most people have ... eh .. i thot u went to study Hotel Management, didn't they teach u how to cook??

Sigh ... and my typical response to the boring question ... Yes i went to study Hotel MANAGEMENT, i Manage the people to get things done not COOK IT!!! HA ha ha ha! :)

Well. . coming back to the Kitchen. So in our new place ..the Kitchen will actually look much bigger, and we have told the Kitchen company to try and maximize as much space as possible. (Hope we don't regret the "boxed-in" feeling after its all done up).

So the KITCHEN Set Up was rather interesting, cos it has so many parties involved. I never did realized that one skilled worker actually may not or even do not know how to do another skilled person's task. Example, on the day of the Kitchen Cabinet Set Up, none of them knew how to set up the Sink and Taps! (Or so they tell me!)



This is our Kitchen, with the original sink set up.

Was pretty glad that they highligted some colors in the Kitchen

by having different tiles direcly centred in the Kitchen.


Three Workers came to set up the Kitchen in our new place.

You can see they were rather considerate to put a tarp on the floor

to prevent from damaging our tiles. :) GOOD ONE!


I never understood why they never used a trolley to

bring all the stuff up! The three guys carried everything up from the

Lorry to the Unit!! KRAZY!!! Strong .. but Krazy!


They went thru the Kitchen Plans prior to doing anything.

I appreciated that, cos then whatever questions, I was there to tell how it was suppose to go.


Similiarly to the Bonanza Wardrobe, they worked on the Kitchen Cabinets,

sawing and cuting all the edges that didnt' fit.


And it was rather quick when i started seeing 10%, 20%, 30% of the

Kitchen coming to fruition.


We had shelves built in on the TOP as well as at the Bottom,

yups .. wanted to maximize on all SURFACE area to keep things tidy!


They were really professional in handling the Kitchen cabinets.

They joined them and drilled them on with total ease!!


At soon as the Kitchen Cabinets were in place, another

Team of workers came in to measure the Counter Top.

kitchen10 kitchen11

PART ONE of the Kitchen ..... Kitchen Cabinets are all in place.

Now ready for the Cabinet Doors and Marble Counter Top!!!

Sadly ... our door color ran out of stock, so we have to wait a week plus for the

next shipment to come in! So we have come door-less kitchen now! :)

More updates tomorrow!!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Do You Think This Round Cylinder Thing is?



Take a guess!!

This is from our new home!! Can u figure out what this is?



Come on .. you all live in homes .. I am sure u can figure what this is.

Here's another view of the Round Cylinder thingy!!

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall!!!

I love Mirrors!! I simply love Mirrors! :)

I like them BIG, shining, borderless and lots of them! :)

I just wanted to share with you an excellent Mirror that we bought from IKEA.

When we initally asked for a quote for a Bathroom Mirror from Wall to the Shower Screen (Remember I like BIG MIRRORS!), a contractor quoted us over RM1000+. :(
Yes, I was really shocked at the high price. Since it was so expensive, we decided to forego the Big Mirror and just buy a small one from Ikea or one of those Bath shops! :(

AND THEN!!! When we went shopping at Ikea last weekend, we found this PERFECT Mirror at Ikea.

Its called a HOVET Mirror and the measurement is 78cm x 196cm. Its simply Perfect !!


Its as if Ikea has made the Hovet specially for us

The cost is RM315 .. (3 times cheaper)

The Hovet actually stretches from the Wall to the Shower Screen with about 3 inches to spare. And it has a good height too.
So we asked one of our contractor to help set it up today .. and its just PERFECT


Check out the Hovet Mirror ....

It really covers the entire wall of the Bathroom!

AWESOME Mirror On the Wall! :)

I'm Lovin' It!!!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

What I Like About Moving to a New Home

There are lots of cool stuff that happens when moving to your own place, and if its new! One of it is the SHOPPING!! The ability to buy things that you want to set in your home!! Of course u need the money first .. otherwise u can't do the shopping :)

The other thing that fascinates me is to see the Contractor build things! I mean as a kid most of us have the benefit of playing with LEGOs and to construct and to build! And being the person that I am, which is piqued to always find out "HOW did they do this?" How did they ensembled that whole thing into that tiny room?" so i've been recording some stuff as Contractors build things in our new home.

Check out our BONANZA Wardrobe


This is how it all looked like in the beginning. Scraps of WOOD

of varying sizes placed in the corridor of our Condo.


There was just TWO guys (so amazing). Each took a room

and they just started drilling and knocking away.

This guy build that Long Wardrobe in 10 mins!

(I remembered when i last try building a wardrobe (ikea) with Raymond,

i think it took us more than 3 hours!!)


I love the Power Drills that they had. In total they had TWO.

Drill One : Drilling Holes

Drill Two : Drilling in the Screws

And because they were so good with their tools, the cupboards were just

built so so so fast. And the guys were just working non stop like busy bees.


He finished the main wardrobe in no time at all.

See the bigger wardrobe on the Left, and he did it by himself!

I was like .. whoa .... so coool!


Finally he called his co-worker to help set up the Top Shelve


TA DAH!! The Wardobe was in place.

AND Then i started asking ... how come this DOESN'T look

like what i ordered from the Company???? I don't remember it being so WHITE.


Hahaha ...then the guy came in again, this time carrying in the

"Cover" for the Wardrobe. Walnut Brown .. yeah .. that's more like it.


And he added the Walnut Wooden covering all around

the Wardrobe ... now it begins to look nice.


The co-worker was screwing in all the hinges

to the doors. And it all look so effortless ....


This took a while .... Initally i was wondering what was he building.

Then as it came together, ohh.... the Drawers!!


The good thing was that they did most of their "dirty" work outside

at the corridor. So the home was clean. (Yes they swept up their stuff!)


The doors were added to the Wardrobe.

See the two shelves on the Bottom Right!! Nice?

IMG_2939 IMG_2940

AND Finally ..... the Wardrobe was completed.

It took them over 6 hours to complete TWO wardrobes

of similiar proportions. I am just amazed at how fast and

how efficient they were in working and getting the wardrobe built

... just like that ...


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