Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everyone wants to read about Sex Sex Sex

Sex is Most Read
Was reading thru Star Online and Guess What? Not suprisingly, SEX SELLS!! I think Star Online gets more than a million readers daily on their website and guess what are the top news read today on the e-paper?

Sex is Most Read Ta Dah .... zoomed in for you on what's MOST READ on Star Online. Its always about Sex / Sex Related news.

The first one is bride raped. Second one is Sex Clip. Fifth one is on Rape again. Ninth one is on some Gender-Sex Study and Tenth one is on Abortion!! Wah Liau!!

The Top Five news out of all the HUNDREDs of news in Star are all SEX RELATED!! Sigh!! Actually it also goes to say that it seems that's what Readers want to read nowadays!! I am sure this post on PPS will also garner lots of hits too . . cos they see "SEX" on the Post Line.

What will be interesting to know is what's the gender breakdown of the TOP 10 news on Star Online. Mebbe its gonna show that 60-70% will be guys!! But then again i could be wrong! Mebbe its 90%!! :) haha

Here are the QUICK LINKS to Star Online in case u are not yet one of the million readers :)

p/s Do you realize that our newspaper have more coverage on Sex nowadays compared to 3-5 years ago? Rape unfortunately seems to be rather rampant with cases reported daily!! Sad sad society!

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