Friday, August 31, 2007

Fireworks @ Ikano + Merdeka Traffic Jam @ Persiaran Surian

Happy Merdeka everyone!!!

We witnessed some happening fireworks from Ikano!! The fireworks lit up the sky for about 12-15 mins. We did not want to go anywhere near Ikano or The Curve area, we had frens telling us how bad the traffic was to get there.

Here are some pictures we caught tonite!!

Fireworks at Ikano Power Centre

Merdeka Fireworks Ikano Power Center

The Fireworks were really cool!

I wonder how much they burn in those 12 minutes!!

BUT it was really beautiful.


Here's another shot of the Fireworks.

Pity my Digital Camera is a pretty old one

and don't have all the special knobs to captuer it better.

IMG_3167 IMG_3164

See the Traffic Jam on the left side of the Picture

on Persiaran Surian, whilst the Fireworks were happilly

shooting up new sprays of design on the Top Right of the pictures.


Makes you kinda glad that you were no where near Ikano

Power Centre & The Curve at this point in time, huh?


This shot, i was playing with the exposure

and it sure looks like there's a fire over yonder!! :)

IMG_3197 IMG_3158

See how bad the Traffic was even after the Fireworks.

Cars were just lined up for kilometres .. in the direction towards

Ikano & The Curve!!

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