Monday, August 06, 2007

Asia's Biggest Mall - SM Mall of Asia

Today we had a great time shopping and walking thru the "self proclaimed" largest mall in Asia, known as SM Mall of Asia. SM seems to be big in Manila. I see SM everywhere, its like your upscale Metrojaya, cos they have a Departmental Store, a Electronic Store, a SM Hypermarket and some other strange spin off!!!

SM Mall of Asia


The road leading to SM Mall of Asia. Outside its decorated

with a Metal Globe of the World


A close up of the Metal Globe


The Ocean View

YES!!! A unique selling point of SM Mall of Asia is the

Ocean Boulevard.

IMG_2800 IMG_2799

There are restaurants that faces the sea, and there's also a walkway

that leads you up to the beach front of the sea.

IMG_2798 IMG_2797

The Mall as u can see its long, and only 2 storeys in height.

The Beach area is currently being developed. We see lots and lots of

Trees planted to create the tropical beach effect and there are lots

of new stores being built along the beach front!! Great making money idea! :)


And yes, which mall nowadays don't have a Skating Rink.

The SM Mall of Asia comes with the usual, Cineplexes, Bowling Lanes

and of course IMAX Theatre!!!


The Shopping Mall is HUGE! And there were just so so so so many

people walking the mall. Reminded me of Mega Mall's lower floor where

it was just a SEA of people all around.

IMG_2812 IMG_2811

It was a brilliant idea to have inflatibles for kids! Lots of parents sent their

kids to play at the inflatables areas. :)

IMG_2803 IMG_2802

Lots of Food Outlets and of course a Food Court with yummy food.

One other COOOOL things about SM Mall of Asia was that they featured a BAND to play to the shoppers in the evening. Check out this short Video of the Marching Band.

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