Monday, August 20, 2007

What I Like About Moving to a New Home

There are lots of cool stuff that happens when moving to your own place, and if its new! One of it is the SHOPPING!! The ability to buy things that you want to set in your home!! Of course u need the money first .. otherwise u can't do the shopping :)

The other thing that fascinates me is to see the Contractor build things! I mean as a kid most of us have the benefit of playing with LEGOs and to construct and to build! And being the person that I am, which is piqued to always find out "HOW did they do this?" How did they ensembled that whole thing into that tiny room?" so i've been recording some stuff as Contractors build things in our new home.

Check out our BONANZA Wardrobe


This is how it all looked like in the beginning. Scraps of WOOD

of varying sizes placed in the corridor of our Condo.


There was just TWO guys (so amazing). Each took a room

and they just started drilling and knocking away.

This guy build that Long Wardrobe in 10 mins!

(I remembered when i last try building a wardrobe (ikea) with Raymond,

i think it took us more than 3 hours!!)


I love the Power Drills that they had. In total they had TWO.

Drill One : Drilling Holes

Drill Two : Drilling in the Screws

And because they were so good with their tools, the cupboards were just

built so so so fast. And the guys were just working non stop like busy bees.


He finished the main wardrobe in no time at all.

See the bigger wardrobe on the Left, and he did it by himself!

I was like .. whoa .... so coool!


Finally he called his co-worker to help set up the Top Shelve


TA DAH!! The Wardobe was in place.

AND Then i started asking ... how come this DOESN'T look

like what i ordered from the Company???? I don't remember it being so WHITE.


Hahaha ...then the guy came in again, this time carrying in the

"Cover" for the Wardrobe. Walnut Brown .. yeah .. that's more like it.


And he added the Walnut Wooden covering all around

the Wardrobe ... now it begins to look nice.


The co-worker was screwing in all the hinges

to the doors. And it all look so effortless ....


This took a while .... Initally i was wondering what was he building.

Then as it came together, ohh.... the Drawers!!


The good thing was that they did most of their "dirty" work outside

at the corridor. So the home was clean. (Yes they swept up their stuff!)


The doors were added to the Wardrobe.

See the two shelves on the Bottom Right!! Nice?

IMG_2939 IMG_2940

AND Finally ..... the Wardrobe was completed.

It took them over 6 hours to complete TWO wardrobes

of similiar proportions. I am just amazed at how fast and

how efficient they were in working and getting the wardrobe built

... just like that ...


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