Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Super Traffic Jam this Weekend at Church - Jalan 13/4

I can imagine how bad and terrible the traffic jam will be in church this weekend. 

There will be so so so so many people and so so so so many cars on Jalan Bersatu 13/4.


Cos there will be TWO major warehousesales happening on that Jalan 13/4. One is directly opposite church - MPH, and the other is just next door - Zara, Massimo Dutti & Pull and Bear!

And to top it there are already 3 churches in that area ... with GTPJ, the Chinese Church next door and DUMC just across the road! 

Wooo Hooo ... everyone should plan early and come in early this week to church, otherwise you may just waste 20-30 minutes on the road trying to get in! 

The good part is that after church . .can go shopping :)

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