Monday, December 31, 2007

And who said that HTC TyTN II can't be used with ONE Hand?

As you know the the HTC TyTNII comes with a built-in QWERTY Keyboard, and that is extremely useful and fast when sending messages either via SMS or Email.

But one of the BIGGEST sacrifices that i had to mentally prepare myself was that the fact i cannot send an sms with one hand!

The built in applications for HTC TyTNII comes with a Touch Screen Keyboard, Symbol Pad, Scribbler and Transcriber. So for the first 5 days of using the TyTNII i had to keep using two hands to type out smses to friends!! Very irritating if u are waiting in traffic whilst in the car (Don't drive and SMS... :)

I was really glad when Danny showed me his HTC P6300i phone that had a new application installed. After going thru the input series, found out that it was a HTC original application called HTC Phone Pad 1.0
And what the Phone Pad does is that it gives u the option of inputing text/numbers into the phone by using a keypad which is pretty similar to a typical handphone. It has a T9 dictionary and it allows u to type in words the T9 way!
The best part is that the keypad is large enough to fit my thumb and ... YES!! Whilst waiting at the Traffic Light in the car, i will have no problems typing out and sending out SMSes! :) hehe
Check out the screen shot below of the HTC Phone Pad 1.0

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Woo Hoo!! I received a HTC TyTN II

Talk about Blessings from GOD!! :) Thank U MO for the lovely gift!!!

When we first given a choice for our year end gift, it was supposed to be a HTC P3600i, but on the day we received our gift, it was changed to a TyTN II!! :) [big smile]

Its an awesome gift .. and now i have the biggest headache of migrating my data (Sony Ericsson K750i & Palm LiveDrive) to a Smart Phone!! Pity the OS is totally different and now i have to look for new programs & games for WM6! Anyone out there who knows where i can get nice free games & applications for Windows Mobile 6?

The Day At the Office


We were given this Bag .... so it looks like any other

Handphone shop bag.. and I was like coool! A new toy to play with!


But when i pulled out the Box ... eh... the name different wan?

Oh WOW!! ITs a TyTN II!! Super duper cool!!


Although the TytN II is 40grams heavier than the P3600i, but it has

a built in QWERTY Keyboard and also the license for MapKing GPS!! Woo Hoo!!

Now I would never get lost! :) haha


Oh yeah ... the company was great, it came with a Jabra Headset and a 2GB Card.

OH yes.. the Guess Voucher .. that's actually another story that i've not blogged about yet.

Won a Lucky Draw in our company's recent Annual Dinner!! Will Blog about it once i get all the pics! :)

SO ....... rejoice with me on the TyTN II gift ... and now i just need help to get WM6 Games & Applications!! .... u will see more new Links on this site.. cos i am HUNGRY for some cool games for the TyTN II!!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

It was a Super Blinging Party!

Bling It On Christmas Party was a super fun time last Friday nite! We had songs, dance, competitions and more songs and we had Ps Phil Stevenson who shared with us God's mesage.

Seng Chye took over 480+ pictures .. you should go check out his PhotoBucket. I only took a couple of shots, so I borrowed some pics from Seng Chye and ta da ..... here u go .. some interesting pictures of BLING IT ON! :)

Bling It On Christmas Party


Even Parousia Hall has it's own Bling Bling!!

Check out the Mirror Ball! :)


Some people also had their own Mirror Ball too!!

Guess who belongs to this ?


Before the Bling Party! :)

IMG_1867 IMG_1936

IMG_1890 IMG_1868


Yeah!! People were really coming DRESED for the theme!
Bling Bling everywhere!!


Now he really looks the part! :)


Even Ps Phil Stevenson dressed his part!!

Bling it On Man!!!

IMG_2014 IMG_2015

Emcees for the nite was John Lim & Delaine Tan


IMG_2067 IMG_2064 IMG_2103

IMG_2063 IMG_2061 IMG_2366

The Worship BAND was really rockin' and getting the people

into the presence of GOD! :)

IMG_3459 IMG_3473

Behind the scenes, you also had additional remixes and the AV team

on the sound board to ensure everything came out smoothly!:)

IMG_2029 IMG_2136


There was contests & fashion shows

and some guess who won the Guy with the Best Bling It On ?

IMG_2203 IMG_2428

Ps Phil Stevenson challenged the young people

IMG_3431 IMG_3439

IMG_2429 IMG_2424

Towards the end it was an awesome time of celebration and dedication to God!!

Photos Source : SengChye

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Friday, December 14, 2007

People of Venture Series : JOSHUA - Your Jericho Will Fall!!!

Glad Tidings Young Adults Service meets regularly each Saturday at 5pm. They started a new sermon series called The People of Venture. In line with this year's Church thrust "Year of Venture", Ps Julie challenged a group of lay people to share their hearts based on different Bible Characters who formed this People of Venture.

The journey started off with Kenneth preaching on Abraham, then by Kim-Ann preaching on Queen Esther, followed by Shahnon & Hwee Yen preaching on Jeremiah and most recently Sean & Leroy on Ezekiel!!

As you can see we had great preachers ahead of us, so when Ps Gwen, Jon Koo and I were grouped together to do Joshua .... it was like ... Oh no!! How ler? What will we say and do? Ps Gwen was the overseer ... and it was basically Jon & I that had to share something from our hearts. (I was thinking i can always share my arteries!!)

First of all when any of the three of us hold mics, we automatically close our eyes and worship (yeah we sort of serve in the worship ministry). So contrary to leading people into the presence of God in worship, how will Jon and I be able to talk for 30 mins non stop and with our eyes opened and hope that a "message" is carried forward?

Weeks leading up to the launch of the People Of Venture, during a Saturday evening - the African Nite itself, the ministry team was already preparing the church for the weeks to come. See how each of the People of Venture stood with their message. (pics courtesy of the-reflector)

Joshua Daniel Abraham

1565759862_fbc4ab8f49 1565752510_4f856a7de0 1565750872_c1ef433dea 1564865855_54c93a4149

So you can imagine the expectation of each church goer of the Young Adults service!! Doesn't this put makes you pray more and get on your knees more??? It sure does! :)

So we prayed and ask God to tell us what can we share? The three of us discussed what we wanted to share on one Sunday afternoon. Ps Gwen helped ensure that we were on the proper path so that we didnt stray. AND of course Jon is already in BCM, so that was a big advantage for us .... yeah soon he will be licensed to Preach!! :)

So all of this lead us to the Big Day on 8 December 2007, where we shared our hearts out on JOSHUA - Your Jericho Will Fall.

Here's a synopsis of what we did. Watch the video below, Download the powerpoint if u wanna.

the intro
Jon & I decided to have some fun with our Intro, and we called it JOSHUA by NUMB3RS! We basically took different numbers in the life of Joshua and used it as an ice-breaker thingy to get some participation and to also tell a story with the numbers (and answers).

the story
Jon preached an awesome story on the life of Joshua from a baby to a military General. He called it Joshua Rewound, where Jon unfold the story about Joshua's birth place in Egypt, on his influences as he grew up, his mentor (Moses), his love for God and how God shaped him to be the Military General who led the Israelites to Victory!!

the challenge
Ps Gwen came up with the 4Ps of Joshua (scroll down below the video), where we inserted it into my sharing on how Joshua conquered Jericho. And, by applying these 4Ps in your life, your Wall of Jericho (ie Obstacles in Life) can be brought down and no longer be a stronghold in your life. Finally, I ended with Nathanael's testimony on how God touched Nathanael and brought down that "wall". Yups ... that was a moving story!!
[when i was practising at home on what to share, during Nathanael's testimony.... wah liau i cried so much!! So, it was a good thing when i shared it again on the Sat & Sun services .... no more tears!]
After that Ps Gwen took over and Close the Service by challenging the people further on the application of the 4Ps in their lives!! We saw God touching many lives.

This is my first experience in sharing in Church, and we have received some encouraging feedback, therefore I borrowed the video from the AV Team and have provided a low res video copy below so that u can at least visualize the sharing. ENJOY & Be Blessed!!!

Watch the Video of JOSHUA - Your Jericho Will Fall
[Length : 1hr 24mins - let it buffer before watching it ~ Video Link]
Learn the 4Ps of Joshua and let us know how you like it.

Download the Powerpoint : Joshua - Your Jericho Will Fall!

4Ps of Joshua

Do you have a Jericho (a Wall/Obstacle) in front of you? What do you do?

  1. Listen to God's PLAN
  2. Claim God's PROMISE
  3. Obey God's PURPOSE
  4. Receive the Victory thru God's POWER

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Delwin's Wedding Dinner at Malaysia Petroleum Club


What can i say? The MPC or aka Malaysian Petroleum Club (MPC) is one really cool place to be. First of all u need to be a member to be invited up to the 42nd Floor of the Petronas Twin Towers and to have Security Guards flanked at your right and left prior to entering MPC, wah .. quite the canggih nya!!

Before we get all caught up with the wonders of MPC, we would of course wanna say

BIG CONGRATS to Delwin & Gillian for their beautiful Wedding !!

There were two things that we could not stop looking at thru out the night.


First .... the View

This was the view outside of the windows where we sat!

Beautiful or what?


And Secondly .. the Shoes

Can u guess whose it is? Yups... its Del's!!

Trust Delwin to come up with some alligator-looking-skin shoes and

to wear on his wedding day and steal all the lime light from his beautiful bride!!! :)


[L to R] Karen, Sean, Gillian, Delwin, Tiff & moi

See the lovely couple ... so "meng seng" wan!

U should have seen their wedding slideshow .. .. really two very good looking people

so Celebrit-ish! :) hehe

And check out our super cool table that overlooks the beautiful Sky Bridge! :)


We also shared tables with a bunch of good frens of Del & G

who drove all the way up from Singapore.

AND Guess what? They were craving to have Supper at A&Ws!!

I didn't realize that there was now A and Dubs in Singapore.

We of course directed them to the one & only A&Ws in PJ State!!

I hope that they found their way!! :)


This is the center dining area of Malaysia Petroleum Club

Yes.. very high ceiling, prestigious and super high class!


This Wild Mushroom Soup was rather interesting.

Yups.. we had a Western Menu for dinner.

Try and guess where the Pizza was?

Yes its some Wild Mushroom Soup with Pizza!!


Yes Sean & Karen looking gorgeously handsome

Will let you decide who's the gorgeous one and who's the handsome one! :)

DSC02637 DSC02636

We took some photos of the meeting areas in MPC.

High Class hor? So richly and well decorated.


So we decided to take some shots together-gether in MPC!

If you look outside those curved windows

you will see the entire KL mapped out in its splendour of bright and colorful lights

Beautiful ... :)

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