Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't Like The Price Hike? Burn your BMW!!

In Germany a guy was so frustrated with the Fuel Increase, that he BURN his BMW 3series up! That's one crazy guy. .. should have just given us the BMW.

But then again, i guess BMW in Germany is like Proton in Malaysia :) haha

Is the Fuel Hike getting to You?

This was an Advertisement in The Sun newspaper today!

Thought it was rather funny! But on a serious note i hope fuel won't do this to anyone!!

Source : The Sun

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stolen Petrol, Charities Decline & Proton NGV?

With the Fuel Increase ...... we see more things happening

People getting desperate, the petrol becoming more of a commodity that's hard to come by, or unless u have lots of money. Well if u don't have enough money to buy them, the next best thing to do is to STEAL the petrol. But don't do it a the well guarded petrol station, why don't you steal it from the all the Cars parked outside your local neighbourhood! Poor thing, several cars in Klang had their petrol siphoned out overnight!

With the fuel increase, even charities are facing a difficulty. People are not as generous in their giving as before, as everyone is cutting back on expenses. Sigh!

And yes the latest invention to come from our National Car makers .... PROTON!!

Watch out for it as its in much deliberation.

The PROTON NGV!! Yups Proton Cars like Proton Waja, Proton Saga, Proton Persona are most likely to be fittied with a NGV Kit!

This is to give car drivers an alternative to filling their cars with petrol. My only question is that Petronas is the only petrol station available with NGV (which is aka Natural Gas Vehicle), so i wonder if it was Petronas who suggested this to Proton? :) hehe

I guess in order for cars to be fitted with NGVs, we need more petrol station offering NGV top ups! :) I wonder how much rebate Citibank will give if we pump NGV with a credit card? :) hehe

[I heard RM16 will get you a FULL NGV tank!!]

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Friday, June 27, 2008

How Fuel Increase is effecting the Travel Industry

The Fuel Increase is not just a Malaysia problem, its effecting so many countries regionally and globally. What's sad is that its also affecting my industry .. the Travel & Tourism industry.

And now that the Oil is at a Record US$140 per barrel, I wonder just how things will continue in the upcoming months?

Here are a few exerpts taken from various newspoints.

One big problem for Corporate or Business Hotels is that you see big cuts in corporate travel, where for the Airlines, Business Travelers now move to take on the Economy Class, and for the Hotels, Corporate Travelers are now told "Travel Only When Necessary!", this will add on to the slow occupancy% levels in hotels in the city! SIGH!

Malaysia is showing a strong decline in travel volumes, why? Because our Travel Packages are not attractive anymore. And that was a comment by a major Travel Agency of Malaysia. He goes on to say that we are a more expensive destination compared to HK & Bangkok! Some Travel Agents are also losing $$$ because of Ground Transport fees increase. More Sigh!

Airline tickets are also going up, MAS fuel surcharge is going up from USD340 to USD456!! And if it continues, you'll see MAS cutting down more travel routes, cos it will be toooooo expensive to maintain their flights. And now if we wanna travel from KL to India, the ticket surcharge will increase from RM288 to RM406! Wah Liau... who would wanna travel in the upcoming months? Unless you're really VERY Rich or its an Urgent need to be in that country. MAS has already declared that it will be a VERY TOUGH ride ahead.

So for those of you in the Travel & Tourism industry ... just brace yourself for the upcoming Tough Ride. Hang On and belt yourself tight! Get ready for a Super Wild Roller Coaster Ride!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Petrol Stations On Strike Tomorrow - A Hoax?!

We got messages yesterday that the Petrol Stations in Malaysia was gonna go on a Strike. The message was quickly pump up your cars cos they may go on strike for one or two days!

We were like huh? Again? What's all this about?

I am glad to see that its cleared up in today's news that the Petrol Station strike is a hoax! And what's more amazing, from the news it states that the rumour of the Petrol Station Strike was only to be in Sabah & Sarawak!

I am wondering how did the Petrol Stations in Sabah & Sarawak contort to all Petrol Stations in Malaysia. :) Rumours sure flies fast and changes easily!

On the other note on Credit Cards refusal at the Pumps, that's gonna be an absolute nuinsance, its definitely more convenient to punp and pay at the Pumps! How am i gonna get my 2.5% Cash Rebate off my Visa Wave then? Sigh!!! What's all these coming to?

Well ... just for the record, I did fill up my car with Petrol this morning.

Why? Cos it was on the fuel indication was showing "E". :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Asian Goverment Subsidies for Petrol - Are we subsidised enought?

Some of the Asian government fuel subsidies are featured in the table above.

Despite Indonesia's price increase in May, they are surprisingly still the cheapest in the region. And China comes in as the second cheapest in Asia. That's not fair, they have so many more people and thus so many more vehicles on the road!

And third in line is us in Malaysia.

In the Sun article today, it claims that Petronas paid our goverment over RM336 billion over the last 33 years, thats RM10 billion a year. So the big question is why Petronas is unable to help absorb the rising cost of fuel despite their great profits.

Let's watch the fireworks in parliment!!

Source : Sun

Monday, June 16, 2008

Beer Cheaper Than Gas(Petrol)

I thought this was rather funny!

With all the Fuel Increase problems in the news recently ... see what this innovative sign says about Beer & Fuel !! :)

Source : Thumbnails

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