Monday, October 29, 2007

Join us for our Jogathon on 8 Nov 2007

20071108 Social Concern Jogathon 2007 map

Check out the Jogathon Route ... 7km for guys and 3.5km for ladies & kids!! YAY! Our church is organizing a Jogathon to help raise funds for Rumah Juara.

Rumah Juara is an orphanage which is run by our church's Life Community Services. Our goal is to raise RM300,000 for the needs and requirement of the children in Rumah Juara.

Lend us hand, help us to make this happen. If you wanna donate to this cause, please let me know and you can also come and join us on 8 November 2007 from 7.30am onwards at the Jalan Barat Field, Petaling Jaya.
(Its the field next to Amcorp Mall .. opposite A&Ws!)

See ya there!

20071108 Social Concern Jogathon 2007

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Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Liam - Mummy Liam

It has been such a long time since we saw a new LIAM animation from the Yahoo Team! The last Liam i posted was way back on 29 June! Its almost four months of quiet and liam absence!! WOW!

I guess in line with Halloween, they have now created a new Liam, The Liam Mummy! Check Liam out below! :)

Download link :

For those of you who missed out on all the previous Liams, here's my collection of Yahoo Liam

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We have Moved!!

We have MOVED!! YAY!!!

The day has finally come and we have moved.

The ideas was to move before Hari Raya, so that we will have time to unpack after!


Thankfully it was a bright and cherry morning.

The truck arrived (spot it in between the rooftops of our condo).

And was ready to be loaded up


For those of you who find our moving experience satisfactory.

Here's a bit of advertising for them.

The dude's name is Aman and was recommend by Sean.


They came upstairs and help us to disassemble the big stuff

They took down the TV and the Home Theatre System and the TV Cabinet.


Do u remember as a kid .. u always like to burst those bubble wraps?

Well they had like ONE GIGANTIC Buble Wrap rolled up.

And thankfully they were wrapping up all our AV equipments one by one!


They came prepared with their necessary tools and even Ikea Allen Keys

So we didn't need to provide them anything.

They just took apart the cabinet in minutes


See all the stuff so nicely wrapped! :)


We also had to clear our Wardrobes, and it was goodbye to

our old room ...... so sad.


The room was in a mess as you can see.

Lots of boxes with all of our clothes.


And there they go. The movers starting moving things

out of the house.


EEEEK!! The hall is BARE!! Everythings is gone!


It was good that our unit was located next to the Bomba lift.

Cos it was easier and faster for them to move things down by the big loads!


All the Boxes started coming down and they started filling their

little 2-tonne lorry!


When the bigger things came down, I was glad to see them stacking them

neatly and in order, so that more things can enter into the lorry.


This is how Zoe's cot looks like when its all stripped apart.


They also helped reduce our Comptuer Table (which is the Ikea's Jerker Table)

from its massive size to this small little pieces of wood and metal!

IMG_3342 IMG_3343

The lorry was packed to the brim with stuff

They had to brings things out twice cos they have huge

trolleys to fill.

IMG_3344 IMG_3346

Yup.. we also used our car to help ferry some things over!

As u can see the Serena was jam packed with the smaller stuff! :)

Thankfully the MOVING part was all done on that ONE DAY!

It was crazy and tiring ... but done!!

And now the dreading thing begins ... unpacking ...

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Check out Nathanael & Zoe Joy's Room

One super big THANK YOU to Dicky for helping with

the house Interior Decor and far and above that to do a

Noah's Ark mural in the Kids Room!


Check out the kids rooms .... on our front door

you can see Nate & Zoe's name on the door.

And what greets u as you walk in is the brightly colored

animals that covers the wall from left to right!


Lots of cute cute animals .. and in two by two ...

by the way ... can u spot the Ark?

(clue : not in the above pic)

We also love the colorful strip that Dicky made, which runs all

around the room. He painted that strip over 8 times in order to get that cool effect!


Here's a corner with more cute animals.
And can you spot Noah on the wall ?


Nathanael & Zoe Joy have the funkiest curtain in the house.
Its a Colorful vertical stripes that covers their windows. And the
colors matched the colorful pictures on the wall!

Hope you enjoy the Tour of Nathanael & Zoe Joy's room ...

This is Dicky Cheah, Tiff's cousin.

He's super cool in his talents for art, decor and what colors would match which wall and curtains that would match.
Now that's something I can't do!! :)

So if u want Dicky to do your kids room. Let us know and we'll ask him ... for a FEE! :)
- Dicky .. will u give us some commission too .. :) hehe

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Revolution at Sri Sedaya School

20071013 Revolution1

Ps Russel Evans (Planet Shakers Director) will be speaking in an upcoming Youth Conference called REVOLUTION.

It will take place at Sri Sedaya School on 13 Oct at 7pm.

Don't miss this ONE Night Event!!

For more info : or call 017 641 1867

20071013 Revolution3

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AFRICAN Nite at Glad Tidings PJ

20071013 African Nite

Glad Tidings Young Adults service will be celebrating AFRICAN NITE this coming Sat at 5pm!!

We have an awesome bunch of students from different countries in Africa, and this Saturday we will see the African students in worship, in dance and even Food!!

So if you're available this Saturday at 5pm ... drop by our Young Adults Service!

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