Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yahoo Liam Meets Godzilla - this is Hillarious!!

FOUND IT!!!! :) This is rather cute. The bouncing Liam meets Godzilla!

Unfortunately its two different Animations (GIFs) that Yahoo uses, First you have Liam Bouncing away on his Bouncing Ball, then comes Godzilla foot and flattens poort Liam.

Wished they combined it into one Liam Animation.

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Link2 :

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Anonymous said...

I've put the 2 gifs together. If you send me a mail I'll send it to you. My yahoomail-id is: Fredvdamme
Put Liam or something in the subject, I delete mails easily when they are in english.

dele said...

Thanks FRED!!

Just Blogged about it! :)