Friday, May 04, 2007

Sigh!! Everthing is going up except our Salary

First we have reports showing that we running short of cooking oil, and everyone is afraid that cooking oil prices will go up!

Then Astro is also going to go up in its monthly subscriptions!! Aiyoh! I guess we have to help Ananda Krishnan pitch in to pay for the Measat 3 satelite that still switches off when it rains! Or then again the 9 Free Astro Channels that is published perhaps will have to be paid for lor!

Now even the Star Newspaper is going up in price to RM1.50 a day!! Aiyoh! Aren't they making enough money already from the tons of ads that we have to sieve thru each day?

Worst case .... our $$$alary doesn't seem to be going up!! $igh!

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