Monday, May 14, 2007

Terror Storm in SS2 - Car Crushed by Tree & Flood

Terror in SS2
This happened 15 mins ago in SS2 near Puay Chai School.
The hail of strong winds and rain in PJ caused thick branches of trees to break and fall, and unfortunately onto parked cars. The rain also cause Flooding in this area. Thankfully no one was in the car!
It started with a huge strong storm!!
The trees were cracking!!
Trees were falling on the Road!
Poor Honda car got hit all over. The front.
The Back!
All over lah! Poor Car. Thankfully no one inside!!
Another View of the Terror!
Rain water causing flood in SS2 area.
The Tree that hit the car, covered the entire Road as well.
There were other trees hitting the children's playground area
Trees falling everywhere in PJ Storm
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Anonymous said...

Good job, dude. Thanks for the heads up!

Phil said...

yea section 14 was as bad too.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the storm, but didn't expect it to be this crazy. Luckily no one was hurt...

dele said...

yeah man!! Thank GOD no one was in that car! That would be one serious Headache!!

I heard that in Cheras there was Hail Stones .. or Ice! Or somethign like that. Anyone heard of it?