Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to Spruce Up your Colleagues Cubicle When they are Away!!

Are there some of your colleagues that are often away on Business Trips or constantly away taking MCs and Emergency Leaves?

Well here are some brilliant ideas on what you can do to their Cubicles when they are away to help Spruce up Life and Fun in the Office.

Things to do when your colleagues are away

#1 – Leave them some flowers

#2 – Leave them some To-Do memos

#3 – Spruce up their work area with some creative d├ęcor

#4 – Everyone loves presents!

Unwrapping presents is half the fun!

#5 – Clean their workspace.

And to make sure it stays clean, protect it with something.

#6 – Let them know you looked after their workspace while they were gone

and kept “undesirables” at bay.

#7 – Hand-made gifts. We all love them.

A little masking tape and some styrofoam goes a long way!

#8 – And finally…

If they’ve had a bit of an “extended” leave,

remind them that not much has changed since they’ve been gone.

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