Saturday, May 05, 2007

Simon Cowell in the Simpsons (Recent American Idol TV airing)

This is such a funny series from the Simpsons, where Simon Cowell is on the other side of the fence singing "Don't Cha".

And the Judges for his Song Audition is none other than the Simpsons family. :)

This little snippet (1 min) was aired in the recent American Idol show - Idol Gives Back!

Watch and laugh along below with the Video, or click here


Out of toon ... Cowell hits bum note on US show and, inset right, Cowell makes his exit
SIMON Cowell met his match when the Simpsons panned his attempt at singing The Pussycat Dolls’ hit Don’t Cha in a special TV charity show.

A cartoon version of Mr Nasty appeared in a Simpsons skit as an American Idol wannabe.

Homer gave his verdict on Cowell’s singing by saying “Lose the accent, Mary Poppins. This is American Idol."

The show’s charity special featuring Bono and Madonna raised £14.97 million for kids in Africa and America.

Idol Gives Back screened by US TV included live performances from Annie Lennox and Kelly Clarkson as well as the talent show’s contestants.

Ellen DeGeneres, who made a personal donation of nearly £50,000, hosted the event.

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