Friday, June 29, 2007

4 New Liams from Yahoo Mail

This has been a while, I've not seen any new Liams from Yahoo for a bit. Kinda miss them.

Then today .... ... YAY!!! Found some new LIAMs in my Yahoo Mail !!

Check them out below ... there are two Liams for the Environment.
Biodiesel Liam Liam goes Green
Angling for Attention
Superhero Liam Flex your Green Muscle
Send a Hunk of Burning Love

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DUDE, Where's My Wheels?!?

Aiyoh ... poor dude man!!!

This car was at HUKM (Hospital) and it was parked right in front of the Security Pondok!! Guess who was not looking???

The people who stole the Tyres and Rims ... must have been pretty happy!
Cos they just didn't take ONE. or Two ... but ALL Four Tyres!!

See lah ... this is how wonderful the Security is!!
That's why the Signage at the Parking always says ...
"Park at Your OWN Risk!!!! ""

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Irresponsible Malaysians!

So irritating la this moning! Was on my way to the hospital this morning at around 8.30am and as usual the trafiic was slow. And suddenly this kancil just cut into my lane without any signal! Aiyoh! Why this people dunno how to use their indicators. Nearly hit my car!

BUT!!! What got me even more upset was when the driver wound down her window and threw out a tissue! I was like WHAT!??!?! HELLO!! HOw can U do such a thing! So I horn that car lor.

Can U believe this? I was driving along the Tropicana stretch and I would have NEVER expected such an irresponsible act! The driver and 3 other passengers turned back to look at me, as though saying why U horn me?

And U won't believe it they threw out another tissue! Talk about 1st Facilities wuth 3rd class mentalities! Somemore ah this year is VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007! Come COME & see our LITTER!

Please la Malaysians! Learn responsible!!!!

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Our 4 Days Holiday in Bangkok

Check out our recent 4 Days adventure in Bangkok. (This would explain the absence of "posts" in this Blog for the past weeks!! :)

This was a trully enjoyable trip .... spending time together. :)

Post 1 : Our Bangkok Holiday

Post 2 : Holiday in Bangkok - Part Deux

:) Hope u enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed sharing them!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Creative STICKERS from Advertlets

We were initially wondering ... WHY-LAH got stickers in the Mail?
Did they like accidently packed it in when mailing the check out to us?

THEN when we read Josh Lim's cover letter, .......... O I C!!! Advertlets is running another CONTEST.

The Top five creative Photos using Advertlets Stickers will win RM50!!

What do you think of our entries to Advertlets Team?

Photo Title: Advertlets My Cash Cow (version1)
Photo Title: Advertlets My Cash Cow (version2)
Photo Title : A for Advertlets
Advertlets (sticker) bridges our Money together! (Version1)
Photo Title : A for Advertlets
Advertlets (sticker) bridges our Money together! (Version2)
Photo Title : The Advertlets Cap
Advertlets puts a Covering over your Head!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our First Check from Advertlets

Now this is HAPPINESS !! :)

Advertlets slogan is rather suitable for this situation : Advertlets = Money + Happy

Thank GOD for Advertlets, they have provided a 3 Digit Check for us. I sure do hope that we can grow it soon to a 4 Digit Check. :)

In the MAIL from Advertlets

We find it rather cute, that Advertlets mailed us some Stickers together with the Check. What shall we do with the Stickers? Stick it all over the Monitor? hehehe

Well we sure do know what to do with the check. We'll cash it in tomorrow! YAY!!!!

Thanks to Josh & the Advertlets Team. Thanks for making the payment out to us bloggers.

What? U have not joined Advertlets yet? ... Join Advertlets NOW and montize your Blog!

pssst. We cashed out from Advertlets on 23 May, and we received it today ... which is about 3 weeks time!! Much better than AdSense, cos AdSense have to wait another MONTH to clear the Check when u bank it in. At least I know this should be cleared in three days !!! :)

psssst again .. POS Malaysia takes about a week to deliver a local mail. Cos Advertlets sent the check out on 7 June.

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Make Money on the Internet

If you have not checked out yet, you gotta, Gotta, GOTTA!!

He's an amazing guy who earns more than USD10K a month, and the best part of it, he shares it FREELY with everyone. He even compiled a 59 paged PDF file to help teach us. Download it here!

John Chow's blog really helps you make money.

AND now, he's offering a special LINKBACK for any blogger that's willing to review his blog. So quickly go and Review it and get a LINKBACK from John Chow. That would definitely help in setting up the PAGE RANKING for your blog. :)

Thanks John!

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Fav Shortcuts vs Search Engines

Came across this unique website called All My Faves.

What's interesting is that they took all the key websites of the world that people normally search for or go to .. (like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr, CNN .... etc)

And what they did was to put it all on ONE page.

Each link is associated with an image and all you need to do is to set this as your homepage, and Click on the Icons and you're done! Its like your Favourite/Bookmark all icon-ized for you!

PITY, wish the developer created a "MY FAVES" where as an individual I can customize what is My Favourite. If such a thing exist then I think more people all over the world will use it.

Cos currently .. there are so many links which I am not interested in and would not want to go, and these icons instead of being a help, becomes a clutter.

But go check it out for yourself ... here's a few lines copied over.

Weekly Faves
Weekly Faves
list of email websites
in video you can find hours of entertainment
search engines
major sports website
a list of weather sites
community - where you can meet new interesting people
Wiki wikipedia, wiki, all wikimedia sites
major banks in the US
financial news
etrade, e-trade
major cellular providers in the US
AllMyFaves Magazines

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

They are still coming .... to see Jeanne Abdullah

Contrary to my belief, the hits are still coming in!! :) hehe

I wanted to enhance the hits on the page by posting up the Video clip where our dear PM A Badawi was on TV declaring his marriage to Jeanne Abdullah. Alas, I couldnt find in on YouTube, though i saw it playing on a website. [Errr... if u find it share it!!]

I just thot this will be a good follow up to yesterday's post. When I drill down using StatCounter, the TOP POST was still "Jeanne Abdullah's Photo ~ Pak Lah's Bride!! "

And this time when I checked where did they come from? It was the Yahoo Search Engine sending them over to delephant! How Cool is that. Ranked Second in the Yahoo Search!!

Hmmmm ...... i wonder how DAY 3 would be? Let's tune back to delephant tomorrow nite!

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Have you Verified your site with Google? Its Free

Stumbled upon this Free Google Offering, which will help us list our websites securely with Google and to ensure that Google Verify it!

Prior to this I didnt realize that Google had to verify our website. And since Google is the BEST BEST BEST Search Engine in the world ... I am gonna verify all my blogs under it! :) hehe

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Log in with your Google log in

Step 3 : Add your Blog/Website URL

Step 4 : Verify Your Site. Choose either to Verify by adding a html file to your domain, or adding Meta Tags to your site. (If blurr like me, click on the help "?" to guide u)

DONE!! :)

At Step 3, Google will also display

• Whether Pages from your site are included in Google's index
• When googlebot accessed your home page
• Potential indexing problems

Quite interesting ... if u have not done this before! So what u waiting for go VERIFY!!!

AND just in case u have a curious mind like me, WHY? Why do you Verify?
What is site verification?

Site verification is a process that Google uses to ensure that only site owners can see detailed diagnostics, statistics and other information . If you can upload a verification file to the the site's root or can add a verification meta tag to your site's home page, we consider you a site owner and will show you site details.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How do obtain over 1,000+ hits in one day for your Blog

Do you know how you can obtain over 900+ unique visitors for one day on your blog?

Do you know how you can obtain over 1000+ hits on your blog in just one day?

Do you know that my increase in hits is over 5,415% in just one day?

The average hits on delephant is humbly 20+ a day, on good days mebbe 50+.

But today StatsCounter recorded a whooping record for our blog. 10 mins to midnight, and we have hit over 1,103 hits!

Let me share with you:

I blogged about Jeanne Abdullah, and shared with PPS a photo of Jeanne that i received. Reason for sharing was becos when i was desperately trying to see how she looked like in Bernama's website, their site was down. (most prob due to the same reason ... everyone was looking for her)

And of course the other factor that helped tremendously, was that EVERYONE seems to be searching for Jeanne Abdullah, check out Google, delephant is currently in 5th position. 3 steps behind, not bad huh?

SO...... the answer to all the above questions ... blog about the latest craze in your country. And try to blog about it from a different point of view. I am sure most bloggers would talk about our PM, Pak Lah, the marriage ... etc. I blogged about Jeanne Abdullah! :) hehe

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Jeanne Abdullah's Photo ~ Pak Lah's Bride!!

First and foremost. Congrats to Pak Lah and to Jeanne Abdullah! When i heard the news, I thought my friend was pulling my leg!!

I even asked... which PM are you talking about! Then after i realized it was Pak Lah .. then my next question is who is Jeanne Abdullah. Tried venturing to Bernama's website .. but couldnt get in! (Must be like me everyone wanna go see it and the traffic must be too high!)

So finally a friend sent the photo over and here's the news release from both Bernama and Star's website.

[B]: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will marry Jeanne Abdullah, 53, on Saturday, the Prime Minister's Office announced Wednesday.

The wedding will take place at the prime minister's official residence, Seri Perdana, here and will be attended by close relatives, the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement.

Jeanne was born in Kuala Lumpur on July 29 1953 and is the eldest of four siblings.She was educated at Sekolah Menengah Assunta and has wide experience in administration and hotel management and has worked as supervisor of the official residence of the deputy prime minister and manager of the Seri Perdana Complex. Jeanne has two daughters, Nadiah and Nadene.

Abdullah's wife, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, died on Oct 20 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer.Abdullah, 67, has two children, a son Kamaluddin and a daughter Nori, from his marriage of 40 years with Endon.

[S] : Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced he will marry Jeanne Abdullah, 53, in a private ceremony in Seri Perdana on Saturday, June 9.

Jeanne was born in Kuala Lumpur on July 29, 1953, and is the eldest of four children, the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement.

She was educated at Sekolah Menengah Assunta, Petaling Jaya, and has had wide experience in management roles with several leading hotels in Malaysia, including the KL Hilton and Pan Pacific Hotel.

Abdullah's wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood passed away on Oct 20, 2005 after a two-year battle against breast cancer.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

War of Nuffnang and Adverlets .. and the Winner is ... Nuffverlets!

Nuffnang started in Feb 2007, and Advertlets started just a month after that.

Since then, there's been so much debate on which Blog Advertiser is better, which Blog Advertiser can provide more ads, which Blog Advertiser is more giving to the community and supportive to the Bloggers. In addition, new rules were suggested that Bloggers must remain exclusive loyal to only one Blog Advertiser, in order to get advertising on your blog!!

My two cents :
  • I believe Malaysia is big enough to sustain two Blog Advertisers
  • I believe to have competition is extremely healthy for the Blog Advertisers, which will be beneficial for the Bloggers and the Advertisers
  • And why must either Nuffnang or Advertlets win? Why can't Nuffnang, Advertlets and the Malaysian Blogger scene win? I believe in the end we will all WIN! :)
  • Finally ... i love both Nuffnang and Advertelts. They are both unique on their own style and techniques. And we should all live together in a "healthy competitive" environment.

Enough said. Wanna hear what some others think about this?
Read more on Nuffverlets War at STAR, CNET

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Liam Loves Delephant ... U gotta check this out

Hahaha ... i got this from Fred.

Thank you so very much FRED!!! Awesome!

He created a Liam for delephant!
Liam Loves delephant

Refresh this post, and you will see Liam walking towards you

with the greeting "Liam Loves delephant!"

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