Thursday, June 07, 2007

They are still coming .... to see Jeanne Abdullah

Contrary to my belief, the hits are still coming in!! :) hehe

I wanted to enhance the hits on the page by posting up the Video clip where our dear PM A Badawi was on TV declaring his marriage to Jeanne Abdullah. Alas, I couldnt find in on YouTube, though i saw it playing on a website. [Errr... if u find it share it!!]

I just thot this will be a good follow up to yesterday's post. When I drill down using StatCounter, the TOP POST was still "Jeanne Abdullah's Photo ~ Pak Lah's Bride!! "

And this time when I checked where did they come from? It was the Yahoo Search Engine sending them over to delephant! How Cool is that. Ranked Second in the Yahoo Search!!

Hmmmm ...... i wonder how DAY 3 would be? Let's tune back to delephant tomorrow nite!

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