Tuesday, June 05, 2007

War of Nuffnang and Adverlets .. and the Winner is ... Nuffverlets!

Nuffnang started in Feb 2007, and Advertlets started just a month after that.

Since then, there's been so much debate on which Blog Advertiser is better, which Blog Advertiser can provide more ads, which Blog Advertiser is more giving to the community and supportive to the Bloggers. In addition, new rules were suggested that Bloggers must remain exclusive loyal to only one Blog Advertiser, in order to get advertising on your blog!!

My two cents :
  • I believe Malaysia is big enough to sustain two Blog Advertisers
  • I believe to have competition is extremely healthy for the Blog Advertisers, which will be beneficial for the Bloggers and the Advertisers
  • And why must either Nuffnang or Advertlets win? Why can't Nuffnang, Advertlets and the Malaysian Blogger scene win? I believe in the end we will all WIN! :)
  • Finally ... i love both Nuffnang and Advertelts. They are both unique on their own style and techniques. And we should all live together in a "healthy competitive" environment.

Enough said. Wanna hear what some others think about this?
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