Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Copy Cats!! Advertorial also must copy me?

Aiyoh .. its not that my "england" is very good and that my "vocab" is excellent. But to make money by writing an Advertorial for Advertlets ... write lah in your own words. . . ..
Why lah must copy me?

This dude copied every word and also the pictures (word for word, picture for picture) and posted it on his blog. How can? Plagarism to the MAX!! Cheating!!

This is our Original Advertorial : Earn RM20 or RM100 on the Fly with Adverlets

This is what was Plagarized! (he changed the Post Name only)
This is his link - http://fuiyoh.blogspot.com/2007/07/free-money-for-you.html

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Earn RM20 or RM100 on the Fly with Adverlets

Advertlets is giving away RM20 and RM100 for a Write up on the Star Celeb event happening at 1Utama.

What's irritating, is that there's an age Criteria of 18 to 30 years. Don't they know i am 17 and that my reviews and hits can help promote this event too!!

Anyway .. since i don't qualify for the Blogvertorial Opportunity, will still be nice and share the INFO with u.

Here's what u need to do. This coming Sat & Sun (28 & 29) make sure u go early to 1U, go park your car there and line up from 11am onwards and you can witness the 1 Utama StarCeleb Roadshow.

Want more info?Surf here - http://www.starceleb.tv/

Want more pics? - Go here

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I DISLIKE Collecting Mails from Pos Laju

I find this really really irritating!! I dunno why Pos Laju works this way, .... but each time when they try and send things to our home, and if we're not in, they would redirect the Pos Laju item to ..... SHAH ALAM!!

AIYOH!! How can it be so so far? So three days ago we received this Pos Laju slip. Called the Pos Laju Shah Alam on Friday and they said the would move it to the Brickfields Pos Laju by Sunday.

Meanwhile .. i was like .. who is mailing me Pos Laju stuff? Its so irritating, cos have to go and collect it from their office. I was like.... it better be a nice thing ..... and not some junk mail by a bank or credit card.

So on Sunday evening, i thot, hmmm i've got some time to spare, why don't i go pick it up. Drove all the way to Brickfields, .... brave the traffic jam in Bangsar (yes .. jam at 7ish on a Sunday nite!) and when I reached Pos Laju at Brickfields ..... guess what? TUTUP!!!! SIGH!!

Really one. .. SIGH!!

I was thinking, this Pos Laju thingy better be goooood!

Then today whilst at the office, i received a call .. .guess who? Josh called to see if we have received the Advertlets check and the pressies. I was like .. No .. not yet. U mean Advertlets have sent something?

Then the Light Bulb lit, Josh ... did u by any chance send the Advertlets check via Pos Laju this time?

OOooooh, and found out that was the "THING-lah" that's been causing so much grieve to collect the past days!

Josh ... thank you for the check. I mean ... GOOD THING it was a check that i was collecting and not some other flyers or brochures!! :)
[Josh if u ever get to read this ..... can u send the next check via normal mail pleeeeeze!!]

Advertlets gave two cute Button Badges together with the Cheque

Now have to think of how to use these two Button Badges ... cos Advertlets is giving away RM50 for the best & most creative idea using the two badges! :) hehe ... got any suggestions?

So far clicking on the other links on Advertlets blog, i think there's still a chance to grab the RM50!! But must think of something really out of the box! :) ..... an idea is brewing... :)

While clicking on the other BLOGS that Josh featured on Adverlets, just wanted to share with u this rather cute picture of PoP & Josh doing the infamous Smashin' pOp JUMP at a blog gathering. (Smashin' pOp hope u don't mind me borrowing the pic .. but i can only SMILE each time i visit your blog .. love your jumps!!)

See how pOp & Josh do the "Jump" - Hillarious!!!

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