Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Copy Cats!! Advertorial also must copy me?

Aiyoh .. its not that my "england" is very good and that my "vocab" is excellent. But to make money by writing an Advertorial for Advertlets ... write lah in your own words. . . ..
Why lah must copy me?

This dude copied every word and also the pictures (word for word, picture for picture) and posted it on his blog. How can? Plagarism to the MAX!! Cheating!!

This is our Original Advertorial : Earn RM20 or RM100 on the Fly with Adverlets

This is what was Plagarized! (he changed the Post Name only)
This is his link - http://fuiyoh.blogspot.com/2007/07/free-money-for-you.html

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Fuiyoh ! said...

sori i acan delete if you wan

delephant said...

Hey Fuiyoh ... next time dont copy Advertorials lah!!! I just hope we all make it to the TOP50 Bloggers!

Fuiyoh ! said...

ok ok