Monday, January 29, 2007

Download FREE Report : Search Engine Marketing in Malaysia

Have you hear of pinstorm? They are a Search Engine Driven company.

Here's what they do.
People use search engines billions of times a month. When they look for
something related to your offerings, Pinstorm make sure you’re found. In
simple words, we connect your prospects to you.

Anyway, they have release an exclusive report on The State of Search Engine Marketing in Malaysia.

Its a pretty interesting report, 34 pages in length, and best of all its FREE!!

Go Download your free copy now!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Woo Hoo .... We are going to Macau & Hong Kong for our Company Trip

I am really glad to work at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

This year our Management Retreat will be bringing us to the shores of Hong Kong. And we will also have the privilege to cross over to Macau for some fun Team Building exercises!!

This will be a fun and exciting trip. Six of us are actually going one day earlier for a business trip and the others will join us a day later and we will start our time of bonding and fun"ning" (if there's such a word) together-gether.

We'll be of course staying at the Mandarin Oriental Macau and in Hong Kong at one of the busiest intersections of Causeway Bay ... at the Excelsior Hong Kong.

We'll be travelling this Wednesday (31 Jan) right up to Sunday (4 Feb).

Hopefully I can get some internet connections .. and i hope my camera don't die again. Hopefully can take some fun fun shots on this trip.

Oh yeah.. who's going? The Executive Committee and the Deparment Heads level A. I think there's about 20 of us altogether. :)

Check back sometime mid week .. hopefully the blog will be filled with PICS!! :)

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YAY!! Fixed the Canon Error E18

Thank God!!!! My Canon Powershot works!!!

Following the instructions from the e18error website, i obediently did the steps from one onwards.

1) I took an air pump. And pumped away i did at the camera lens.
But to no avail.... the camera still showed an error E18 ... sigh

2) Then i took out the battery, tried to squeeze the lens, turn the lens, push the lens, pull the lens ....... but it still showed E18 ... double sigh

3) Then i followed the last step and started knocking (gently) where the rubber part was for the connection on to the palm of my hand. I was like... what am i doing? I think i need to bring it to a camera shop or something.

Then ... HAPPINESS!!! .... the Camera whirrred. .. and the lens extended! YAY!! The camera works!! Was a little apprehensive at first. So i shut it, reopen it, shut it, reopen it ........... till i was convinced!

Took some photos tonite too of Nathanael ... which we will post up tomorrow.

YAY my camera works!!

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Video: Past American Idols on Larry King Live (incl William Hung)

Larry King Live of CNN interviewed the past Stars and Losers (aka "rejects") of American Idol.

From William Hung to Bucky and many others.

Catch the video of the interview here, Larry King even got William to sing his song .... Achey Breakey Heart ....

Watch the Video Below or Click Here

Watch the Video Below or Click Here

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Friday, January 26, 2007

My Canon Camera Died-ed - Error E18

It was really sad. The company gave us the Canon Powershot S400 a couple of years ago as a gift. We have been using it to take lots of pictures, i am sure we hit more than 20,000 pictures.

Anyway when I was in Bangkok recently, the camera died on me. It was so so so sad.

Cos it was my first trip to Bangkok, and was planning to Blog about the Travel there. Thankfully, our phones nowadays comes equipped with a camera. (Using a Sony Ericsson K750i with a 2 megapixels camera).

So at least life continued on for a bit using the Camera Phone.

Anyway .... we discovered recently that my Canon Camera E18 Error is not an unusual problem. Apparently many people around the globe have suffered their share of the E18 Error.

Check out this E18 Error Website -

If you have an Canon E18 Error, you can also post your experience on their site.

The best part is they even created a website to guide you how to Rectify your problem.

So if you are also a victim to E18 ... click on this Link :

Will try and work on the camera this weekend .....

cos we have another TRAVEL TRIP coming next week to Macau and Hong Kong!!

AI6 Reject Video Compilation : Dont Cha

This is another funny one to watch!!

This is an American Idol Season 6 Reject Video - Compilation of the song "Don't Cha"

Watch the Video below, or click here

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Who is Hu?

This is an absolutely Funny Video on a discussion between George Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

I've seen the text version before, but this is the first time on Video. Tks David for this!!

Enjoy the video below .. or click here.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yahoo's New Ad System For Websites by 5 Feb

Yahoo Inc.'s progress in launching a new Internet ad sales system could be a turning point for its shares as investors bet on faster revenue growth, analysts said on Wednesday.

Yahoo shares rose 8 percent on Wednesday and lifted rival Internet sector companies after it said its new system, dubbed Panama, would be fully introduced in the United States as of February 5, about a month ahead of Wall Street expectations.

The ad system brings Yahoo in closer league with Web search leader Google Inc. , honing the technology that allows advertisers to pay for search terms based on their popularity.

Panama also helps advertisers target the ads sent to specific audiences on the Web or rotate ads based on their effectiveness, capabilities Google has offered for several years.

"Yahoo has not executed as well as Google, has not had as strong a software platform for advertising, but they're still a very strong No. 2 player and that's worth something," said Global Crown Capital analyst Martin Pyykkonen.

"I'm not forecasting any kind of wholesale shift here, that all of a sudden Google is going to fall by the wayside ... but I do think they (Yahoo) will narrow the gap," said Pyykkonen, who rates both company shares "overweight."

If Panama gained momentum, Yahoo's revenue growth could rise to a high-teens to low-20s percentage rate by the end of 2007, Pyykkonen said. That would outpace Yahoo's own forecasts for full year growth, issued on Tuesday -- which fell below average Wall Street estimates.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Malaysian Bloggers to set up Legal Fund to Protect Our Interests

A legal fund will be set up soon as a means to provide financial assistance for bloggers who face legal action such as the defamation suits taken by the New Straits Times Press (M) Sdn Bhd (NSTP) against bloggers Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attan.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Centre of Independent Journalism (CIJ) here, Ooi said the legal fund, an initiative by fellow bloggers, will be managed by those with a good reputation.

“The proceeds would not only be used to protect bloggers against suits but also to provide training workshops in the field of investigative journalism for bloggers – subject to the approval of the trustees.”

According to Ahirudin, possible trustees for the fund include the former Prime Minister’s daughter Marina Mahathir and former NSTP group editor-in-chief A. Kadir Jasin.

On Thursday, the court is to hear an inter-parte application for an injunction on Ahirudin, while Ooi’s inter-parte application hearing will be on Jan 30.

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Malaysian Bloggers Must be Responsible

Bloggers must be responsible for what they write on the Internet as there are laws on defamation and sedition, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The Prime Minister said these laws were enforceable and bloggers must bear in mind that they could not hide or take advantage of the Internet to do something that was against the law.

“They cannot hope to cover themselves or hide from the laws,” he told Malaysian journalists at the end of his three-day working visit here yesterday.

He said bloggers, just like newspaper journalists, must be responsible for what they wrote or risk facing legal action from others.

Abdullah was commenting on the legal action against bloggers Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attan by the New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP), its deputy chairman Datuk Kali-mullah Masheerul Hassan, Group Editor in Chief Datuk Hishamuddin Aun and former Group Editor Brenden John Pereira.

He raised the question of “what was freedom without responsibility,” saying that laws must be respected.

On the lack of proficiency in English among teachers and lecturers, he said there was a need to improve the curriculum and methods to teach English in schools.

He added that Malaysians must understand that English was an international language.

Abdullah was responding to questions from journalists on the declining standard of English in Malaysian schools and universities.

Earlier, Abdullah told Malaysian students at the London School of Economics of the need for Malaysia to be competitive, pointing out the paces already made by the Chinese and India.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Malaysia Websites But Hosted Overseas?

Malaysians have been asked to develop their websites on local web hosts instead of foreign counterparts, to avoid having to face disruption in Internet service such as the one experienced by many after the Dec 26 earthquake in Taiwan.

Internet service provider (ISP) Telekom Malaysia (TM) business chief executive officer Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said the recent incident showed a considerable number of local sites were not hosted locally and were thus affected by the disruption in international telecommunication links.

“Malaysia has more than sufficient capacity for web hosting services and it would be timely for us to collectively have a change of mindset with regard to our local capabilities in hosting Malaysian content.

“I would like to encourage all organisations and individuals to host their websites locally not only to leverage on the country’s strong infrastructure for hosting services but also to be more self-reliant to ensure that disasters like this do not have such impact on them,” he said in a Jan 5 statement.

Zamzamzairani said this would be in line with the purpose of the Malaysia Internet Exchange to improve domestic traffic and keep it within the country.

The earthquake had damaged international telecommunication cables, thus cutting off telecommunication services between Malaysia and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the US.

In the statement,TM said the 7.1-magnitude earthquake off Taiwan resulted in a major breakdown of five cable systems, including Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2).

“All these cable systems route the country’s Internet traffic, with the bulk of it going through APCN2 (submarine cable fault between Shantou, China and Tanshui, Taiwan and between Lantau, Hongkong and Chongming, China which route the main bulk of Internet traffic for Malaysia),” it said.

Traffic had to be re-routed through Europe and China to the United States,with the assistance of TM partner carriers in Europe, China, Hongkong and Japan.

Clive Chen, 23, a freelance web developer for businesses and individuals, said most of his local clients preferred Malaysian web hosts such as the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (Mimos).

“This is because local web hosts are ‘closer’ and hence, faster (bandwidth) whereas if they choose host websites from say,the US,they would have to go through a ‘further’ distance which inevitably has more activity and traffic in between,” he said.

Even so, there are others like blogger Kenny Sia, 24, who opted for international hosting.

“Cost is a major factor for sure, when it comes to choosing a web host. International ones give you five times more storage space and bandwidth for the same price,” he said.

Privacy is another concern. While both local and international web hosts can hack into the e-mail accounts of their customers, it is less likely to happen on an international web host, Sia said.

“As for the fear of services being disrupted during instances such as earthquakes, I don’t think it’s a problem for me. After all, earthquakes don’t happen everyday,” he added.

Sia spends US$5 (RM17.74) a month for 55GB of storage space despite the two-second ping (response) time.

Localhosts can be slightly faster – 33-millisecond ping time – but usually at a higher price.

Local ISP TM Offers a promotional price fo RM988 a year for 1,000 MB of space.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

AI6 Rejects Video : Compilation Audition of CSI (Criminal Singers Investigated)

Kudos to American Idol 6 again for compiling all these auditions and putting it into a CSI theme.

This is an American Idol Season 6 Reject Video - Compilation of CSI (Criminal Singers Investigated)

Watch it below, or click here

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AI6 Rejects Video : Compilation Audition of the song I WILL SURVIVE

Ha ha ha .. . the compilation gets better and better.

This is an American Idol Season 6 Reject Video - Compilation of the song "I WILL SURVIVE"

Watch it below, or click here

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AI6 Rejects Video : Compilation Audition of the song FAME

You must watch this, it is so funny. I am so glad that American Idol compiles the funny ones together and puts it so nicely.

This is an American Idol Season 6 Reject Video - Compilation of the song "FAME"

Watch it below, or click here

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AI6 Rejects Video : Compilation Audition of the song KISS

Haha ... this is the American Idol Season 6 Rejects in Minneapolis for the auditon to the song KISS.

Check it out below, or here

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AI6 Video : Compilation of Guys Auditioning at the Minneapolis Auditions

At the American Idol Season 6 check out this 6 mins video of a Summary of Guys Auditioning at Minneapolis. Audition starts with an audition from a Cowboy and ends with a guy from the Navy.

Watch the video below, or click here

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AI6 Rejects Video : Trista Audition Wizard Of Oz

In the recent American Idol Season 6 (AI6) auditon, this video captures a funny audition, Trista, singing The Wizard of Oz.

- She did the Lion "Growlll" impression.
- Simon Says "It was one of the STRANGEST audition in my life"

Check it out below, or watch it here

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AI6 Video : Sarah Krueger Auditions Somewhere Over the Rainbow

At the American Idol Season 6 (AI6) auditon, this video captures another potential audition, Sarah Krueger, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

- Simon says "Very Good. A Lot of Control Over Your Voice. You Look Great"

She even has her own website - check it out at

Check it out below, or watch it here

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AI6 Video : Denise Jackson Audition sings You're Gonna Love Me

In the recent American Idol Season 6 (AI6) auditon, this video captures a potential audition, Denise Jackson (16 yrs old), singing You're Gonna Love Me.

- Even Simon says "She's Terrific"

Check it out below, or watch it here

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AI6 Rejects Video : American Idol 6 - Jason Wannabe Famous

In this American Idol Season 6 episode, you will see Jason auditioning in Minneapolis.

Check him out as he sings and juggles in front of Simon, Paula, Jewel & Randy.

Watch the video below, or click here

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Video : American Idol 6 (AI6) : Idle Talent

Check out this 6 minutes video as they interview candidates as early as 5am in ther morning at the Fedex Forum.

On September 3rd, 2006 Celluloid and Vinyl covered the season 6 "American Idol" auditions in Memphis, TN. Watch in awe as people attempt to sing, speculate over the Clay Aiken rumors, and imitate an incoherent Paula Abdul.

Watch the Video below, or click here

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Revenue Management Conference in Bangkok (Travel Summary)

FlowerThis is a summary of my trip to Bangkok for the Revenue Management Conference (organized by Eye for Travel).

Follow the course of my journey (first time) in Bangkok.

Click on the links below ... to view the individual POSTS.

Day 1

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Now this is a Thai Dessert!!!

Now this is what I call a 5-star Thai Red Ruby Dessert.

Since i am in Thailand, it only makes sense to try out their speciality (which we normally eat back in Malaysia).

Was really delighted when I was served the Thai Red Ruby in coconut milk ... and in a Coconut! Wow what a great presentation.

And it tasted really good as well. To top it, there was also a scoop of Coconut Ice Cream on the side. So so Yummy!!

Yups... had this at the Oriental Bangkok.

Shopping at MBK, Bangkok

This MBK Shopping Mall was suggested by many as a Must SEE when in Bangkok.
Hmm.... its actually one Sky Train stop after the Siam Paragon. And this is really only like 30 metres walk from Siam Paragon.

The Mall resembles our Sungei Wang back in KL. The shops are very much together. And on the third floor its like Handphone Haven, with shops after shops selling one same type of product - handphones!!

Amazing, this trip i have not bought anyting at all in Bangkok, I tend to see similiar products available in Malaysia. :)

I took this shot, cos i thot it was funny. Bangkok is already celebrating 2007's Christmas when its only the 3rd week of January!! Hmmmm .... someone should change the decor!!

The Revenue Management Conference - completes

The second day of the Revenue Management Conference organized by Eye For Travel was goood. Similiar to Day 1, we had a huge host of speakers that shared their expertise in Revenue Management in Airlines and the Hospitality Industry.

Today we covered subjects on Revenue Management and Sales, Revenue Management and Customer Relationship Management, Revenue Management and Marketing, Accurate Forecasting, Demand Forecasting and the Future of Revenue Management.

Lots of interesting stuff shared thru the sessions and Q&A.

Was glad to meet some folks from Malaysia . . .

[L to R : Matthew (previously Westin KL, now in Wynn Macau), Judith (Le Meridien KL), Peter (Ritz Carlton KL) and me ]

We also met folks from Equatorial - Ricky Ang (worked with him during my Rasa Sayang days) and Avil. And there was Chris from Berjaya Hotels & Resorts too!

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The Oriental Bangkok's Fruit Plate

Now... tell me which hotel you know in Malaysia provides you Mangosteen in your room in a Fruit Plate!! I tell you the Oriental Bangkok sure knows how to anticipate your needs.

I mean for those of you who travel often and stay in luxury hotels, the norm is 2 Oranges, 2 Apples and a Banana.

But so far in my third day here at the Oriental Bangkok, the first day was Thailand Pears, second day was Mangosteen and today it is Orange Mandarin. So cool huh?

Excellent variety of fruits for the hotel guests. yummy

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dinner at my Fav Restaurant ... Tony Roma's @ Siam Paragon

Oh yeah, I was totally delighted when walking around Siam Paragon, i discovered my favourite overseas restaurant .... Tony Roma's!! So so cool!

Ordered my fav Baby Back Ribs and Potato Skins!! Loved it!! :) Yummy yum yum!!

Guess we'll never have Tony Roma's back in KL or rather in Sunway Pyramid. I mean how can you serve Ribs and not have Pork? Beef Ribs? How can .... Sigh .... sad nya KL's branch!!

Check out - Ronald Mc Donald that bows in Thai Welcome

As we were walking back after the Revenue Management Conference, i just couldn't help but take out my camera and snap this shot for you all to see.
I mean ..... where else in the world will you ever see Ronald Mc Donald in this pose?
He was posed like a Thai, Palm together and bowed slightly!
It was so so so funny! Didnt care the stares, when i took out the camera to snap the shot. :)
- did you know that Mc Donald's in Thailand serves Pork!! Yummmy!

The Revenue Management Conference - starts

When i walked through the Lobby of the Pan Pacific Bangkok, the doorman ushered me to an elevator that brought me up to the 21st Floor.

Coolness, the Meeting Room was quite longish, and had natural daylight coming thru the windows of the 21st floor. Yup.. it was a good view.

We had so so so so many speakers. I lost count of how many. They each had about 25 minutes to share their points on Revenue Mangement, Price Elasticity, Dymanic Packaging , Hiring & Retaining Revenue Managers. It was really interesting and learned a lot too.

Since it was Revenue Managmenet on the Travel Industry, we had this guy who is the Chairman of One Two Go Airlines, Khun Udon Tantiprasongchai. He's the Thailand equivalent of our Tony Fernandez of Air Asia. Hahahahah .. i trully enjoyed his session, he was super candid on the Low Cost Carrier & Revenue Management, and he shared his theory on Air Asia's One Million Free Seats, which he disapproves!

The Conference will be sending us copies of the presentation in two weeks time. If i can find the slide.. i will try and share it with u all! He was so candid and i found him quite funny! Hmmm ... i hope i didnt lose out in my purchase.

We had lots of good networking with others in the industry and some vendors for revenue management and there were great panels for Q&A too. Overall very good day!!

Also managed to meet up with some old friends. Will try and take some photos tomorrow and share with u all!

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Day 2 : Breakfast by Chao Phraya

Woke up early today, cos had to reach Pan Pacific earlier to register (yups i signed up so last minute that I could only register for the Revenue Management Conference on the first day of it).

Came down from the room and went to The Verandah (very cool restaurant where the "verandah" over looks the Chao Phraya river.

This is a shot of only 1/3 of the entire Verandah that faces the CHao Phraya river.
So you can imagine how cool and nice the location is.
Thankfully I managed to grab a seat that was directly facing the River (pic below)

The Breakfast spread was good.
I love pork ... so there was bacon, ham, pork sausage. Need I say more?
They also had chefs that cooked omelete a la minute for u too.
But the experience of just being at the Verandah was neat. The weather was kind to us all.
When I touched down yesterday, the pilot said it was 32 degrees celcius.
But this morning, although dressed in a long sleeve shirt, it was pretty cooling.

Romantic ler?
Managed to catch the effect of the sun reflecting off the Peninsula Hotel on the Waters.
This was the table i was seating, and the picture u see is what i was loking at ahead of me. :)
Well just to burst the bubble, the river aint all that beautiful. Meaning lots of trash floats in it.
Thankfully there was no smell. Its a pity about the rubbish ... otherwise it was super beautiful.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tour of the Oriental Bangkok

Before i set off for my Walking Adventure, i had the privlege of taking a small tour of the infamous Oriental Bangkok.
I met up with Kitima, the Reservations Manager, who took me for a quick tour (hotel was busy running above 95% in Occupancy). So took a few pics.

[Oh yeah... my camera died on me! So so so sad ... .... good by Canon! Thank God my Sony Ericsson K750i has a 2 megapixels in built camera]

The Oriental Bangkok's lobby is beautiful. Its not the High Tech type of a hotel. Its a nice colonial type of hotel. With a history going back more than a hundred years.
An elephant again .. rite in the Lobby!! :)
The people were super friendly. I guess its also the Thai Culture, they all look so humble and sweet and nice and willing to serve.

Went over to Sala Rim Naam. Such a beautiful restaurant that serves Authenthic Thai Food. They also have a Thai Cultural Dance show each nite.

The tables & chair is unique. Cos when you seat down, your legs actually goes beneath the table. Pretty cool huh. Hope u can see it in the pic above, cos the ambience was quite dark.

We also went over to the Mandarin Oriental Spa. It was a beautiful SPA with 14 rooms and loads of cool spa stuff!!

Its amazing that The Oriental Bangkok has this cool Shuttle Boat that crosses the Chao Phraya River. The Oriental Hotel has a building opposite the river with the Spa, Restaurants and a Cooking Class and Fitness Centre.

And this Free Shuttle Boat also brings all guests to the Sky Train. So its a pretty cool transport by the hotel. I love the Oriental Bangkok!

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The Eye on Thailand!! - They have their Own Ferris Wheel!

The Concierge told me that since i was getting off the Sala Daeng stop from the Sky Train, they told me to check out the Suan Lam Night Baazar.

So off i went on this Walking Journey. (Bear in mind in KL ... i would drive to everywhere and not walk one metre). So here i was holding a tourist map and walking from the Pan Pacific hotel heading towards the Suan Lam Night Baazar.

When waiting for my boat journey, i asked one of the people there how far is Suan Lam from the Pan Pacific hotel. He said... its very close ... only 300 metres.

Looking at the Tourist Map (and we all know that Tourist Maps are not drawn to any particular scale) Everything either looks to close together. So off i started walking on the side pavement of RAMA IV Road heading towards where Suan Lam was drawn on the map.

I think it was more of a 3 Kilometre walk than a 300 metre walk (Mebbe in Thai 1 Metre is 1 Kilometre). Anyway ..... after walking a bit, i tend to realize that the road was very dark, and that i dont see any tourists or worse yet any lights.

Mind u, i was still walkikng next to the Rama IV Road, the road was congested, with cars horning, carbon gas and a smelly lake on my left which i think could be thicker than jello; which gave off a weird smell.

Hmmm .... this ain't touristy at all! I am sure Bangkok Tourist Office would have done something better.

I stopped, rechecked my map .... and sure enough, the Circle areas by the Concierge was ahead. Just after the Lumphani Park.

Okies..... since i have already flown all the way to Bangkok .... I turned back to see if i could still see the Pan Pacific Hotel.... no where to be found. Hmmmm.... 300 metres he says .... hmmm

I braved it... and walked on a bit ..... and then suddenly at the corner of the Lumphani Park, on the left ... i saw the EYE of Thailand!! (just like our EYE back in KL)


Finnally, so many mat sallehs and tourists and people, and MUSIC ... (yes prior to that was only car honks). So i turned left and walked in into the Suan Lam Night Bazaar.

Okies... i ended up not buying anything. Lots of things for sale ... lots of tourist stuff. Things we can find in Petaling Street i guess. So walked around.

The above picture is the inside arch of the Suan Lam Night Bazaar.

Hmmm .... lots of makan and beer gardens.

So after making a round ... with me legs super sore (cos i walked 300 metres!) ....

I headed home to my lovely Oriental Bangkok!! Can't wait to soak my legs in the Bathub!

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Took a Left Turn and Found the Pan Pacific Bangkok

As I was saying in the earlier post, I was on the Sky Train looking out for the Pan Pacific Hotel in Bangkok.
The Revenue Management Conference will commence there tomorrow morning, and the Concierge told me that if i were to take a taxi, it would not cost me a bomb, but it will cost me PLENTY OF TIME.
Apparently the Traffic Jams here are worst than KL!! (KL is already so so bad!) ...
Anyway... so off i went and took the Sky Train and hopped off the presumed correct station.
Thankfully, the signs at the Sky Trains were very helpful for tourists. It had Pan Pacific Bangkok - Turn Left.
So off I went walking towards the Left ..... and then half way in the journey ... a strange thing occured. (It reminded me so much of KL). .. the Pan Pacific Hotel sign disappeared!!
Hehehe ... so being the natural Malaysian .. and (being the man .. i didnt ask anyone) ... i continued walking straight. When i reached this huge huge Junction ... which i later learned to be the RAMA IV Road, i just turned left by instinct!
Guess what i found?
Yups... the Pan Pacific Hotel, Bangkok!
Amazingly .... there are tons of elephants in Bangkok.... there was two dorned at the bottom of the Pan Pacific arch! :)
Anyway ... it makes me more comfortable tomorrow to get to Pan Pac quickly and easily for the Conference!!

I Found The Best Thai Food in Bangkok!!!

Was exploring Bangkok on the Sky Train earlier.
(Was trying to find the Pan Pacific Hotel - Bangkok).

Took the Sky Train from Saphan Taksin ...
Exited at Sala Daeng Sky Train Stop ...

Walked a few steps .... and i found this .......

A Thai Mc Donald's!!
Simply simply AWESOME!!
I should have taken a picture of Ronald Mc Donald's cos .. he was posed like a Thai, Palm together and bowed slightly! That was so so so FUNNY!!

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Communicating Via Internet!!! MSN Rocks!

Thank God for MSN! or Internet connectivity.

Was trying to reach Tiff back home since i am now in Bangkok, but the home internet connectivity was down.

So when online on MSN ... found Hwee Yen online.. and got her to pass a message to Tiff! Now that's Communication at its best! :)

:) Woo Hoo! Thanks HY!! :)

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I just Checked In at the Oriental Bangkok .... simply gorgeous

Woo hoo!! You heard me right!!! I am now in Bangkok .... enjoying the luxuries of The Oriental Bangkok. (in case u didnt know .... won tons and tons of awards as the Best Hotel in the World!]

But first how did i get here? I am attending a Revenue Management & Pricing Conference in Bangkok which my GM recently approved! :) YAY!

Anyway ... coming back to this lovely hotel. Thought i should Blog when i have the time to put up what I've seen. After all it is my first time in Bangkok .. so a bit blurr on what to do.

So why lah i am Blogging now... when i am in Bangkok!! Okies... see u all. Am going down to the Concierge to find out what's kicking in Bangkok!!

I had to take this picture. Being a first timer to Bangkok... was a bit blurr on how to get to the hotel from the Airport. By the way the New Airport in Bangkok is like half done. Was told by the Car Driver that the airport opened 4 months ago, but most of the walls and pillars in the airport are still in cement. Normally shouldnt it be clad in marble or tiles or at least painted over?
Anyway .... the story of the pic above. I booked this Car from the Airport. THere was a sign that stated that they were the official car ride from the Airport. So i went over to the counter and they asked me if i wanted to book the BMW 7 Series. Errr... i thought better save my company some money and asked for the cheapest Car ride to Oriental Bankok.
They had the Toyota Camry available at Baht 1100.. so i said OK! They walked me out to the driveway ... and guess what? What a Blessing .... it was a BMW 7 Series car that awaited me.
Woo Hoo!! My first time in a BMW 7 Series ... nice and comfy car!! :)

When i arrived at the Oriental Bangkok, i was greeted by many people.
I was given this little hand garland thingy.
Err... any idea what do i do with it now? Trash it? Hmmmmm!

Checked in at the Oriental Bankok Superior Room. The room is huge, and faces the Pool. What more can i ask for rite?
Loved the bed, cos its really high .. yeah .. for tall people like me! :) hehe
And Notice the White Remote by the Bedside Table .... YES ... i have my own Bose Sound System! That's is so fabulous!!!

So I thot a Room Picture without the Bathroom will be kinda empty.
So here's a shot of the bathroom. Its huge too, with a separate shower stall, separate bathroom, and double sink to wash at including this Bathtub! Cooool huh?
More to come ...... gonna check out the Concierge now!!

American Idol 6 Begins

This is way coool! We love to watch American Idol, cos its simply entertaining.

Really glad that both Starworld (Astro) and NTV7 are featuring the American Idol 6 (AI6).

The official website has changed to

You'll be able to catch up on the latest on American Idol 6 and the latest news, photos and videos. Pity they dont allow you to feature their videos on your blog. Anyway ... hope u guys enjoy and be entertained with American Idol 6!!

And oh yes... you can download Wallpapers of all your fav American Idol Season 5 - here

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

YAY!! We finally got our Tickets on Air Asia

Woo Hoo!!!! Double Woo Hoo!!

After trying countless, countless times, we finally managed to book Two Free Air Tickets to two destinations - Bangkok and to Hanoi! Woo Hoo!!! Happiness!!

I think I keyed in my Name, IC Number and other details more than 10 Times into!! (Yeah lor... we were not Registered Members, so had to key the details in step by step, u can imagine the dissapointment when the Proxy Error pounced out!!)

The Key Button for me today is REFRESH!!

Thank God for the Refresh Button!!! If it wasn't for it, I think I would have to re-key in all our details more than 20 times.

The Key Word is PERSERVERANCE!!!

I was wondering, should i just forget all about this Air Asia Free Seating thingy? Mebbe all these Free Seats were not worth the time and effort put in to Key in the Details, Refresh The Data ... and key in the details and Refresh the data .... and on and on and on!!

But I figured, i shall perservere and will carry on with it AND finally ... we were rewarded with the Confirmation Screen from Air Asia .... with the confirmation number at the end of the online booking procedure! WOO HOO!!! :) Happiness!!

A TIP for those of you who are trying to get a Free Ticket, which I learnt.

How to Overcome the Proxy Error when you're at the Last Step?

When you have refreshed countless time to get to the Payment Page - Last Step (where you key in your credit card details, which i had to do more than 6 times!).

After you click Continue .... while the Screen shows that it is processing. If a Server Error comes out, just click on REFRESH on that Server Error page, and your payment will go thru!!! It worked both times for me!!

Happy Booking online!! Happiness!!! :)

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Air Asia Proxy Error - Can't Handle Our Requests

I think there are toooooooo many people trying to book the 1,000,000 seats offer.
Tried going to Bangkok, tried going to Hanoi ... but all came back with the same error. Server Proxy Error!! Sigh!!

We will try again later... hopefully the Server can sustain the earnest tries of the Malaysia public trying their Kiasu-ism to get Free Tickets for Air Asia!!

Happy Trying!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Just got a new Liam gif - Liam Ostrich (Yahoo Beta)

Just received this new cute Liam ... running away from an Ostrich! Hahaha ... very cute!
Check it out below .....

Liam Ostrich

The Link :

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Successful AdSense Stories

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Video : Wedding Blooper Video

Here's a classic collection of Wedding Bloopers.
(I remember seeing this on America Funniest Videos before).

Anyway ... enjoy it below or click here

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Woo Hoo ... Petrol Prices remain!!

Now this is good news for 2007!! Really glad to read this in STAR online today.

No increase in fuel price
PETALING JAYA: There will be no increase in petrol price, Finance Minister II Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop said Friday.

He dismissed rumours that the Government would increase petrol price soon, following the recent reduction in road tax.

"Is petrol price going up? The answer is no," he told reporters.

He, however, did not say if oil prices would remain the same throughout the year.

Source : STAR
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Monday, January 01, 2007


Welcome to Glad Tidings PJ Email Sign Up Page.

As a church we use Yahoogroups to help facilitate communications between our members for our Youth Church, Young Adults Service, Worship Team, AV Team .. .and more.

To facilitate the Email Sign Up process. Just enter your email address the specific Group you want to join, and Click on the JOIN ICON.

1. Glad Tidings Youth Church (GTYC)

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2. Glad Tidings Young Adults (GTYA)

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3. GTYC Worship (Worship Team)

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4. GTAV (Audio Visual Team)

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5. GTYL (Glad Tidings Leaders)
- Subject to Approval -

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