Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Eye on Thailand!! - They have their Own Ferris Wheel!

The Concierge told me that since i was getting off the Sala Daeng stop from the Sky Train, they told me to check out the Suan Lam Night Baazar.

So off i went on this Walking Journey. (Bear in mind in KL ... i would drive to everywhere and not walk one metre). So here i was holding a tourist map and walking from the Pan Pacific hotel heading towards the Suan Lam Night Baazar.

When waiting for my boat journey, i asked one of the people there how far is Suan Lam from the Pan Pacific hotel. He said... its very close ... only 300 metres.

Looking at the Tourist Map (and we all know that Tourist Maps are not drawn to any particular scale) Everything either looks to close together. So off i started walking on the side pavement of RAMA IV Road heading towards where Suan Lam was drawn on the map.

I think it was more of a 3 Kilometre walk than a 300 metre walk (Mebbe in Thai 1 Metre is 1 Kilometre). Anyway ..... after walking a bit, i tend to realize that the road was very dark, and that i dont see any tourists or worse yet any lights.

Mind u, i was still walkikng next to the Rama IV Road, the road was congested, with cars horning, carbon gas and a smelly lake on my left which i think could be thicker than jello; which gave off a weird smell.

Hmmm .... this ain't touristy at all! I am sure Bangkok Tourist Office would have done something better.

I stopped, rechecked my map .... and sure enough, the Circle areas by the Concierge was ahead. Just after the Lumphani Park.

Okies..... since i have already flown all the way to Bangkok .... I turned back to see if i could still see the Pan Pacific Hotel.... no where to be found. Hmmmm.... 300 metres he says .... hmmm

I braved it... and walked on a bit ..... and then suddenly at the corner of the Lumphani Park, on the left ... i saw the EYE of Thailand!! (just like our EYE back in KL)


Finnally, so many mat sallehs and tourists and people, and MUSIC ... (yes prior to that was only car honks). So i turned left and walked in into the Suan Lam Night Bazaar.

Okies... i ended up not buying anything. Lots of things for sale ... lots of tourist stuff. Things we can find in Petaling Street i guess. So walked around.

The above picture is the inside arch of the Suan Lam Night Bazaar.

Hmmm .... lots of makan and beer gardens.

So after making a round ... with me legs super sore (cos i walked 300 metres!) ....

I headed home to my lovely Oriental Bangkok!! Can't wait to soak my legs in the Bathub!

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