Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Took a Left Turn and Found the Pan Pacific Bangkok

As I was saying in the earlier post, I was on the Sky Train looking out for the Pan Pacific Hotel in Bangkok.
The Revenue Management Conference will commence there tomorrow morning, and the Concierge told me that if i were to take a taxi, it would not cost me a bomb, but it will cost me PLENTY OF TIME.
Apparently the Traffic Jams here are worst than KL!! (KL is already so so bad!) ...
Anyway... so off i went and took the Sky Train and hopped off the presumed correct station.
Thankfully, the signs at the Sky Trains were very helpful for tourists. It had Pan Pacific Bangkok - Turn Left.
So off I went walking towards the Left ..... and then half way in the journey ... a strange thing occured. (It reminded me so much of KL). .. the Pan Pacific Hotel sign disappeared!!
Hehehe ... so being the natural Malaysian .. and (being the man .. i didnt ask anyone) ... i continued walking straight. When i reached this huge huge Junction ... which i later learned to be the RAMA IV Road, i just turned left by instinct!
Guess what i found?
Yups... the Pan Pacific Hotel, Bangkok!
Amazingly .... there are tons of elephants in Bangkok.... there was two dorned at the bottom of the Pan Pacific arch! :)
Anyway ... it makes me more comfortable tomorrow to get to Pan Pac quickly and easily for the Conference!!

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