Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 2 : Breakfast by Chao Phraya

Woke up early today, cos had to reach Pan Pacific earlier to register (yups i signed up so last minute that I could only register for the Revenue Management Conference on the first day of it).

Came down from the room and went to The Verandah (very cool restaurant where the "verandah" over looks the Chao Phraya river.

This is a shot of only 1/3 of the entire Verandah that faces the CHao Phraya river.
So you can imagine how cool and nice the location is.
Thankfully I managed to grab a seat that was directly facing the River (pic below)

The Breakfast spread was good.
I love pork ... so there was bacon, ham, pork sausage. Need I say more?
They also had chefs that cooked omelete a la minute for u too.
But the experience of just being at the Verandah was neat. The weather was kind to us all.
When I touched down yesterday, the pilot said it was 32 degrees celcius.
But this morning, although dressed in a long sleeve shirt, it was pretty cooling.

Romantic ler?
Managed to catch the effect of the sun reflecting off the Peninsula Hotel on the Waters.
This was the table i was seating, and the picture u see is what i was loking at ahead of me. :)
Well just to burst the bubble, the river aint all that beautiful. Meaning lots of trash floats in it.
Thankfully there was no smell. Its a pity about the rubbish ... otherwise it was super beautiful.

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