Thursday, January 11, 2007

YAY!! We finally got our Tickets on Air Asia

Woo Hoo!!!! Double Woo Hoo!!

After trying countless, countless times, we finally managed to book Two Free Air Tickets to two destinations - Bangkok and to Hanoi! Woo Hoo!!! Happiness!!

I think I keyed in my Name, IC Number and other details more than 10 Times into!! (Yeah lor... we were not Registered Members, so had to key the details in step by step, u can imagine the dissapointment when the Proxy Error pounced out!!)

The Key Button for me today is REFRESH!!

Thank God for the Refresh Button!!! If it wasn't for it, I think I would have to re-key in all our details more than 20 times.

The Key Word is PERSERVERANCE!!!

I was wondering, should i just forget all about this Air Asia Free Seating thingy? Mebbe all these Free Seats were not worth the time and effort put in to Key in the Details, Refresh The Data ... and key in the details and Refresh the data .... and on and on and on!!

But I figured, i shall perservere and will carry on with it AND finally ... we were rewarded with the Confirmation Screen from Air Asia .... with the confirmation number at the end of the online booking procedure! WOO HOO!!! :) Happiness!!

A TIP for those of you who are trying to get a Free Ticket, which I learnt.

How to Overcome the Proxy Error when you're at the Last Step?

When you have refreshed countless time to get to the Payment Page - Last Step (where you key in your credit card details, which i had to do more than 6 times!).

After you click Continue .... while the Screen shows that it is processing. If a Server Error comes out, just click on REFRESH on that Server Error page, and your payment will go thru!!! It worked both times for me!!

Happy Booking online!! Happiness!!! :)

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CyberPartyGal said...

What about the return tickets?