Sunday, January 28, 2007

YAY!! Fixed the Canon Error E18

Thank God!!!! My Canon Powershot works!!!

Following the instructions from the e18error website, i obediently did the steps from one onwards.

1) I took an air pump. And pumped away i did at the camera lens.
But to no avail.... the camera still showed an error E18 ... sigh

2) Then i took out the battery, tried to squeeze the lens, turn the lens, push the lens, pull the lens ....... but it still showed E18 ... double sigh

3) Then i followed the last step and started knocking (gently) where the rubber part was for the connection on to the palm of my hand. I was like... what am i doing? I think i need to bring it to a camera shop or something.

Then ... HAPPINESS!!! .... the Camera whirrred. .. and the lens extended! YAY!! The camera works!! Was a little apprehensive at first. So i shut it, reopen it, shut it, reopen it ........... till i was convinced!

Took some photos tonite too of Nathanael ... which we will post up tomorrow.

YAY my camera works!!

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