Friday, January 26, 2007

My Canon Camera Died-ed - Error E18

It was really sad. The company gave us the Canon Powershot S400 a couple of years ago as a gift. We have been using it to take lots of pictures, i am sure we hit more than 20,000 pictures.

Anyway when I was in Bangkok recently, the camera died on me. It was so so so sad.

Cos it was my first trip to Bangkok, and was planning to Blog about the Travel there. Thankfully, our phones nowadays comes equipped with a camera. (Using a Sony Ericsson K750i with a 2 megapixels camera).

So at least life continued on for a bit using the Camera Phone.

Anyway .... we discovered recently that my Canon Camera E18 Error is not an unusual problem. Apparently many people around the globe have suffered their share of the E18 Error.

Check out this E18 Error Website -

If you have an Canon E18 Error, you can also post your experience on their site.

The best part is they even created a website to guide you how to Rectify your problem.

So if you are also a victim to E18 ... click on this Link :

Will try and work on the camera this weekend .....

cos we have another TRAVEL TRIP coming next week to Macau and Hong Kong!!

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