Sunday, January 28, 2007

Woo Hoo .... We are going to Macau & Hong Kong for our Company Trip

I am really glad to work at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

This year our Management Retreat will be bringing us to the shores of Hong Kong. And we will also have the privilege to cross over to Macau for some fun Team Building exercises!!

This will be a fun and exciting trip. Six of us are actually going one day earlier for a business trip and the others will join us a day later and we will start our time of bonding and fun"ning" (if there's such a word) together-gether.

We'll be of course staying at the Mandarin Oriental Macau and in Hong Kong at one of the busiest intersections of Causeway Bay ... at the Excelsior Hong Kong.

We'll be travelling this Wednesday (31 Jan) right up to Sunday (4 Feb).

Hopefully I can get some internet connections .. and i hope my camera don't die again. Hopefully can take some fun fun shots on this trip.

Oh yeah.. who's going? The Executive Committee and the Deparment Heads level A. I think there's about 20 of us altogether. :)

Check back sometime mid week .. hopefully the blog will be filled with PICS!! :)

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MJ said...

wah.. your company's so good!

Fashionasia said...

Can u hire me as MO blogger??
kekekek...would be great fun!!
"PR Blogger" what a title rite??? i know where u work at...somemore u say u're not in the tourism industry......

dele said...

Hahah... Wish it was that easy!!

Hotel with a Blogger .... that will be one cool job!

Anyway .... i guess that's why we work so hard in the company. As u know a hotel never sleeps!!! So... in return i guess we get to go for a trip together to bond.

And i guess with the Team Building exercise on, it would just make the team more united!

Am i kidding or what? Its gonna be a FANTASTIC holiday! :) hahah

Fashionasia said...

haha..i'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves!!
Have fun dele!!
ps. if u wanna organize paintball sessions for team building just lemme friend can give discount wan....

Anonymous said...

Hi there, we are all waiting for pics!!!!!!!!