Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Christmas Liam

In line with Christmas and the upcoming Holiday Season, Yahoo has created a new Liam for this festive period. This is Liam dressed in a Tux partying away!! :)

Download Link :


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Friday, November 23, 2007

How to Convert Planet Pulse Points to $$$$$ Money?

Have you joined Planet Pulse yet? They are an online Survey company that sends you periodic surveys to complete in your email inbox. I always get excited when a Planet Pulse survey comes in. The best part is because we earn US Dollars for each survey completed.

The highest paying survey i've every received was USD40 (or 400 pulses). Not bad eh? It normally takes about 15-20 mins of your time. Just answer truthfully and flow with the questionaire.

Planet Pulse has a rule that you can only withdraw your pulses (USD) when you have earned over 2,500 pulses (or USD 250). I actually have not checked for a few months and when i checked this week i have over 3,000 pulses!! WOO HOO!!! :) - happiness!

Then i went to the PAYMENT screen, to see how can i bring my USD300+ out?

The only sad thing about Planet Pulse is that it pays out via two sources.

  1. Pay Pal - if you have an active account they can pay direct to your PayPal account. But i was told we (Malaysians) can't withdraw money out of PayPal. So i don't want USD300 to be stucked in Pay Pal

  2. MOL Freedom Card. I was like...... HUH???!!!! What in the world is that.

So the next thing was I googled MOL Freedom and found out that its a EON Bank Prepaid MasterCard co-brand with MOL.

The easiest way to get a MOL Freedom card was to buy one at 7-Eleven. It cost RM25, and that's the charge you will ever pay. There's no more annual fee thingy or any other payment.

Then the MOST important question .. ..... Can i withdraw money from the card? After reading thru the terms of the card online, i found out that you CAN WITHDRAW from the card at any EON ATM machine .. like any regular bank card (link - point 8)

So ... off i went to 7-Eleven. The first 7-Eleven i entered said they were out of MOL Freedom Card. So i had to drive to another one. Finally at the second one, I bought the MOL Freedom Card for RM25.

NEXT (which i now find a pain), i have to get the card activated. You'll have to fill up the form (that's included in the starter pack) and mail it in the provided envelope (postage paid). I spoke to an EON bank staff and they said it will take about a week for the activation process to go thru and once its Activated, i can then withdraw my Pulses (USD) into the Card!!!

I can't wait for that to happen and to withdraw the money out!!! So check out this blog in about 10 days time... hopefully all KAU TIM by then!

So you have not signed up for Planet Pulse yet?

What are u waiting for?

Click on the Planet Pulse banner below NOW!!!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I won a Prize at the Sony Ericsson K850i Launch Today

I received an email from Sony Ericsson on 10 November with the subject line claiming that the Sony Ericsson K850i is Here!! (as in, in Malaysia!)

So i was greatly disappointed when i checked at 5 handphone retail counters including a Sony Centre, and they all claimed that the K850i was not available at Malaysia yet. But i kept telling them i receieved this email on the 10th!!

Anyway ..... today i realized that indeed the phone only debut in Malaysia TODAY! Sony Ericsson had a launch for the K850i at Suria KLCC concoure area.

I was glad that i managed to try and handled the real K850i and not those plastic toys that they put on display. The phone was rather heavy, thicker than the usual - due to the 5 megapixels camera phone. But it has this super sleek finish and this amazing luminous green line or velvet blue (if you opt for the other color) running thru the side of the phone casing. I don't really fancy the velvet blue color, as is was rather dull. The green shines out!!

And the software that runs the phone is totally different. Sony Ericsson tried to keep the interface similiar with sone new canggih icons when you click on menu, but now you have a little portion on the base of the screen which is "Touch Screen"!! :)

What really shouts out loud on this phone is the 5 Megapixels Camera. Good quality photos with a Xenon Flash and what's more .... an auto rotate device that rotates the photos depending on how you hold the phone. Smart .....!! Very Smart!!!

The person who was trying very hard to sell me the K850i, said that i could only place my order for the phone today and collect it tomorrow. Otherwise I would have to wait at least a week, before the phone is available at a generic Mobile Phone Retail Outlet.

Okies okies ... you wanted to know how much right? The Sony Ericsson K850i cost RM2199 and all the throw in is a 512MB Memory Stick Micro (M2). Sigh... and i was hoping for a 1 or 2 GB card!

For that price, I believe what you are buying is 80% of having a good quality camera with you at all times, and a phone that can help you make calls and sms!! :)

Oh yes..... and as mentioned. The emcee at the Launch of the phone, was giving out some freebies. He asked his first question ... and i quickly rasied my hand in hope of winning something super duper from Sony Ericsson.

The question was rather easy :

Q: The K850i camera takes photos in how many Megapixels?

I walked straight up to the guy, with my hand raised and said ...

A: 5 Megapixels

Q: You sure its 5.0 megapixels

A: I said YES .. its 5 megapixels

And the emcee handed me this Sony Ericsson gift!! Happiness .. i WON!!

Can you make up what Sony Ericsson gave me for answering that totally difficult question?

They gave me a Sony Ericsson Post-it Pop Up Notes Dispencer!!!

So what do i do with it? Mebbe sell it on ebay for RM50!!!

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Nuffnang Founders are Finalist in BusinessWeek Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs

Can you guess who these two dudes are? This is a big opportunity as BusinessWeek magazine is a reknown magazine and is listing top entrepreneurs in the Asia region. I am very glad to see two of our young Malaysian "online ads" entrepreneurs being short listed in the Top 25 list.

You have an opportunity to VOTE for them to win!!

Timothy Tiah - Founder of Nuffnang (Link)

Cheo Ming Shen - Founder of Nuffnang (Link)

Amazingly all the Asia's Young Entrepreneurs Award are mostly internet or IT related. :) Guess that's really the path to tread on to succeed!

Another BIG SHOUT for Malaysia, of all the 25 people listed, only Tim & Ming Shen are represented from Malaysia. The rest of the Young Entrepreneurs are from all over Asia (lots of Singaporeans!!)

Malaysia Boleh!!

U know what to do rite? Vote for them at


Source : Nuffnang's Blog BusinessWeek

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Found a Website with LOTS of Cool & Free Ringtones

A friend recomended me to check out Zedge.net I thought it was another one of those websites that offered a few free ringtones. But after checking it out today ... its a fantastic website!

I think its pronounce "Zee Edge" and i like their concept. You sign in for FREE, and after doing that Zedge would allow you to upload or download ringtones, themes, games, videos for your mobile phones. They even have a forum section for you check out more serious things if you need to.

What i like best is that most of my ringtones or rather message tones (tones for my SMS) are all online. Meaning to say that i normally have the latest and its already online! I think its working really great for Zedge is because people can share their ringtones freely and easily. The interface on the website is also very neat and very well organized.

Come classic cool ringtones/message tones
[yes u can listen to the songs without registering)

Well you get the idea ... go visit www.zedge.net for more goodies for your handphone!!!


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally Discounts for Shell Petrol (Citibank cobrand)

20071115 Shell Citibank Co-Brand

Was really really really (in case u didn't know that i was "really") happy to see a new initiative from Shell & Citibank to work on a Co-Brand card to benefit us consumers.

Prior to this UOB launched their co-brand with BHP Petrol, but i've been an ardent fan of Shell Petrol and was also banking on getting my points up for Bonuslink. So after a long decision and wait for a few months, I actually switched loyalty from Shell to BHP Petrol because i could get a 2.5% rebate using the UOB Card.

So when I saw the ad in the news today ... YAY!! Happiness!!

Gave a call to Citibank to get the "finer details" and here they are.

To enjoy the 5% Rebate from Shell, you need to have a minimum opening Balance of at least RM4000 in your credit card account. Which means they want you to switch your spending to your Credit Card if you are a Cash user, and they want you to spend using only this Credit Card instead of the other 3 credit cards in your pocket. :)

Breaking It Down

Spend Above RM4000

5% Rebate for Shell Fuel

1.5% for Non Fuel purchases

Spend below RM4000

2.5% Rebate for Shell Fuel

0.75% for Non Fuel purchases

So, Therefore, In Other Words, Which Means ...... they are offering a similiar programme with UOB Credit Card/ BHP Petrol, But just that they have an added incentive that if you do spend more than RM4000 a month on this card, you can double your savings on your Shell Petrol!!

When I asked the Customer Service if I can still collect Bonuslink Points, she said she didn't know the answer. But i think Bonuslink is a separate entity, so we should still get our Bonuslink Points with Shell!! :)

AND if you are a current Visa Credit Card holder with Citibank, you might as well just read another Blog, cos this offer is only for Citibank Visa cards only!! Too bad!!

* Blog Update *

Two LINKS you will need

Shell Citibank Credit Card - online

If you sign up online, you can get a RM50 rebate and in addition buy a HP Compaq Persario PC for RM290 or HP Compac Notebook for only RM799!! Cheap Cheap!!

Download Application Form - here

Additional Reporting . .

Citibank Bhd expects to draw 100,000 new customers in the next 12 months through its latest Shell Citibank credit card.

The card, aimed at helping consumers cut down on fuel costs, will offer rebates of up to 5% on fuel purchases at Shell stations and up to 1.5% for other purchases at Shell and selected merchant outlets.

“In 2006, there were over 400,000 new cars registered in Malaysia and the price of fuel has increased over the last two years.

“To help lessen the burden of Malaysian motorists, Citibank and Shell have came up with a real way to save on fuel costs in the form of the Shell Citibank credit card,” said Citibank country business manager Michellina Triwardhany at the launch of the card yesterday.

Customers will be entitled to double rebates during the 60-day promotional period that started yesterday.

... more News

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Oooh ... Yellow Digi Men ... or Is it?

Just received an email with so many yellow peeps on the street. At one glance, I thought it was a new Digi Campaign!!

Then a closer look showed its all the Yellow People campaigning last Saturday in KL. Was pretty amazed that they now have their own website. - www.bersih.org

I think its going rather far fetched when they have a flash picture on the right sidebar of their website to ask the citizens to Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tr... whoops i mean Tie the Yellow Ribbon round your car and bikes! Anyway .. everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

See the sea of yellow peeps below...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bye Bye One Sen Coins ... and its no April's Fool Joke!

Well is official now, we can throw all our One Cent (One Sen) coins away!! As of 1 April 2008 one cent coins will no longer be considered a legal tender in Malaysia!! YAY!!

Then we don't need to pay and carry around one cent coins anymore, not that anyone nowadays carries one cent coins. I think its more of when we go to retail stores or F&B outlets that gives back change ... example here's your change RM10.08 ... what do you do with the Eight Cents?

I think most people don't even keep it anymore!!

Some facts you most probably won't know about the 1 sen coin. Its the longest coin used in Malaysia, which has been in tender for over 162 years. And if you wanna read more about the history of one sen coins, go check out what Danny Tan our numismatist says.

So how does this Bye Bye to 1 Sen coins effect us. Take note that in the very near future all transactions will be rounded up. The Table

Actual - Rounded

RM88.01/02 - RM88.00

RM88.03/04 - RM88.05

RM88.06/07 - RM88.05

RM88.08/09 - RM88.10

SO start a new habit, start carrying 5 cents!! :)

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Sun Ho's China Wine Music Video - A Controversy?

A friend called late today to ask us to google "Youtube China Wine". We were like why-la?

Anyway we googled and clicked on the Video "China Wine - SUN aka Geisha Official Release", and discovered that it was Sun Ho's music video with Wyclef Jean. She was dressed in a rather provocative manner with many dancers surrounding her in not much clothes. And we were like ... huh?? Is that Ho Yeow Sun?

Ho Yeow Sun is Pastor Kong Hee's wife. Ps Kong Hee has the largest church membership in Singapore, called City Harvest Church ... with over 24,000 in attendance each week! So when we looked at the video, we were like no-lah.. its not Sun. Then as we kept watching... oh ... it is!

Immediately controversial thoughts slipped through my mind. I was like why-lah... why is she doing a song like this and dressed like that?

Watch Sun's Performance on the China Wine Video

So what do you think of the video after watching it?

I remembered reading about Sun's past achievements and also her stand as a Christian. She had several controversies before but she has always stood her ground and proclaim her faith our in the open. And I was determined to find some answers to ensure that I was right about what and why she did the video. After googling some 3-4 times, i found Sun's blog explaining the song China Wine and her explanation was what i expected.

Here are some excerpts of her own explanations of China Wine, I've provided the full links at the bottom.

About the dance and the song “China Wine” …

The dance with the head roll originated from the infamous Jamaican dancehall move called the Dutty Wine. It was Wyclef’s idea to update the move with some Oriental hand movements (as seen in the video’s dance choreography).

The Dutty Wine (which stands for "Dirty Wind") is a song by Tony Matterhorn, a dancehall artist. "Dancehall" is not a place, but a style of Jamaican music and it has also become the name for a dance move where "legs move like a butterfly, and neck and posterior simultaneously rotate". And this dance move has become very popular in the world.

My involvement resulted in the China Wine – which is the Jamaican Dutty Wine infused with some Chinese/Asian elements. So contrary to what some think, China Wine does not refer to Chinese alcohol at all! It is a Chinese variation of Dutty Wine!

My new MV features Wyclef Jean, but also Tony Matterhorn (originator of Dutty Wine) and Elephant Man (another leading dancehall artist). So it is with the endorsement of famous dancehall artists that Wyclef and myself composed China Wine, making it the legitimate successor to Dutty Wine

About pushing my personal “limits” …

I am not for “pushing the limit” just for the sake of doing so. I’ve had super revealing dresses pushed upon me by sponsors for red-carpet events and I’ve had to push them right back at the stylist! But that’s the style and culture of Hollywood. It’s all second nature to them. There’s nothing too sexy or taboo about cleavage, that’s the norm for red-carpet style! (By the way, it is true also for Hong Kong and Taiwan these days!) If anything, I’m the “weird” one over there when I have to explain to them my reservations and restrictions!

Additionally, as a new artist in the US, I’m certainly not able to list out my demands and insist on a set of extreme limits for myself, especially when their culture is so different from ours. But I’m thankful that I have a management team that has been very supportive toward me and my personal beliefs, even when this results in differing opinions with them at times. They are the experts of what would work in the US. Even then, what works for them does not necessarily always work for me! So we’ve learned to talk, communicate and accommodate one another. I’m very happy with this arrangement.

Making these two music videos has pushed my limits, especially after 5 albums where I was packaged as a much quieter artist. Not only have I been challenged to dance the best I ever had, I’ve also been challenged in my stage presence and acting skills!

About the China Wine video and my different image from my past videos …

There’s a huge fundamental difference in the tastes between the US and Chinese music markets. It wasn’t intentional for me to “break out of my old image” … it was a necessity if I am to be at all relevant to the listeners there. Honestly, I had loads of reservations during the planning for the shoot and fittings with the video stylist, Petra, who also co-designs for Gwen Stefani. The production team and my management addressed all my personal concerns as well as their own (with regards to the effectiveness of the video in the US market), and the video you see is the result of that. I personally am very proud of the video and the effort that all parties involved put into its production.

About 2 months prior to filming, I had almost daily dance practices with one of reggae-rapper Sean Paul’s principal dancers. She is also my choreographer and has become a close friend. She taught me reggae and Jamaican dance styles and I’ve had to move muscles I never knew I even had!! You cannot believe how sore I was after just my first week of grueling practices! But again, I appreciate the challenge! I may not be any expert yet, but I’m excited to learn more and to stretch myself artistically.

About comments toward China Wine – Hot or Slutty?

The micro hot-pants and what we wore in the video are really more covered than what most girls are wearing today when they go to the gym! There is really nothing so shocking about them. I was truly shocked when, for my concert in Taiwan to plug my Embrace album, my Taiwanese stylist gave me a costume with even shorter shorts and I had to get them lengthened! That was so funny …

I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am just like any other contemporary girl living in the 21st century. I love many kinds of music and I want to express myself through both heartwarming ballads as well as fast-paced dance numbers. I’m also very much into fashion, and I like to look trendy and hip. I just believe that my whole “package” as an artist – which includes my music, dancing, dressing and performances – should be relevant to the modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan society we live in.

About my creative control over the China Wine video …

I have “100% creative control” in the sense that I wasn’t forced by anyone to do anything against my will. Wayne is one of the nicest directors I’ve ever worked with. He would share his ideas for my role in the video and ask me if I was confident to pull it off. I told myself, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the “best of the best” in the US music industry! You can be sure that I was going to give it my best shot. I mean how many people in the world even get the chance to do that?

Even though I’m a new artist there, the Americans work in an environment where we are all free to be creative. Everyone feels like a part of the team. Everyone’s ideas are valued. The entire production is only achievable because every person in the group plays their part incredibly well! For me, I was eased into the role because there was such an environment to work in. Wayne, Wyclef and my management provided me with the necessary coaches to help me pull off a very difficult and different act from what I have been used to. In the end, everyone is very proud of what we have achieved together! And everyone is very excited that the buzz around China Wine is growing day by day!

About my faith and the supposed “Buddha hand clasp” in the China Wine video …

Once again, the critics prove that they can turn nothing into something! ?

Indians and Thai people of all religions often clasp their hands in greetings. (My pastor often clasps his hands when he says hi to others!)

I am a Christian on and off stage. Whether I am a singer, counselor, dancer or actress, it doesn’t change what I believe in.

Never once did anyone on the entire production team (which included a number of Asians) ever think that any of the hand actions represent any religious movement. The dance steps were choreographed by an atheist who based her choreography on what she knew about the Asian culture. The handclasp is a familiar action in Thai, Japanese and other Asian cultures. She’s seen it in numerous non-religious Asian dance shows that she researched on specifically for the choreography of China Wine. There was absolutely nothing religious about those moves. Ha-ha, if it hadn't been mentioned it, this would never have even crossed my mind!

If you wanna read more, click on the Part1 & Part2 links for more details!!!!!

So after reading what Sun was trying to address, I am glad i found her blog and
that she was sharing so openly about it! I am really proud of Sun and for all
the different barriers she has broken in China and Taiwan and to reach out to
many young people!!! AND I pray that God will continue to bless and use her to
touch more lives and to reach out further - where normal believers can't. :)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Youth Camp Rocks

Glad Tidings Youth Church will be having their Youth Camp from 26 to 29 December 2007!! The theme for the Youth Camp is TELL THE WORLD!!

This year is the first time we see the publicity so happening and so early!! :) Very very cool!
They have even launched their own blog for it! :)

They did a Video Promo for the Youth Camp .... and is super super funny!!

For more info and to stay updated, visit their blog


Watch the Youth Camp Video - Part1

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bonuslink Bejewelled E-Game - I scored 225 points!

Bonuslink Game

Have you tried it yet?

I just logged in this morning and tried the Bonuslink E-Game. Its totally similiar to the all loved Bejewelled game, except that instead of jewels you see logos of Bonuslink's sponsors!

You just need to log in and register (need to have Bonuslink Number) and then you all set to play. They give you 3 levels, and each must be completed in 30 seconds! So match 3 or more tiles either horizontally or vertically and get points!!

In my lame attempts this morning, i scored 225 points!! I will definitely play again and see if I can get some higher points!! I think Bonuslink should make it more competitive and highlight the Top 3 Highest Points for the day, so that we all know how much we need to "beat" in order to score some big reward with Bonuslink!!

Bonuslink E-Game Link


Bonuslink Game2

This is the Main Log-In Screen.

Just register it online and in 1 minute you can play the game!

Can you beat my score of 225?

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Why wait ONE month for your Google AdSense Checks? ONE DAY Cukup!

When i first received an email from Inside Adsense about the new payment method via Western Union from Google Adsense, I was rather in doubt!! So far all the adsense checks that I received have just been dumped into the closest Maybank Check Deposit Machine.

And yes... for those of you who have been doing a similiar thing, the flow of events happened like this
  • 25 Sep : Google Adsense issues check
  • 8 Oct : We receive the Adsense Check in Malaysia via mail
  • 9 Oct : Drop the Check in Maybank Check Deposit Machine
  • 6 Nov : The USD is converted into Ringgit and deposited into my account

Yeah it normally takes more than one and half months to get our money processed and converted from USD to Ringgit!! That is way tooooo long!!

So when i read that we now have a chance to speed up the entire exchange and conversion process, wah liau... i changed the payment type immediately from check to western union!!

Today, was the first time that we used the Western Union payment from Google Adsense. It was so simple. Unbelivable!!

  • 25 Oct : Google Adsense Payment is paid
  • The next day ... just drop to one of our local Malaysian bank that has Western Union and just fill up the Bank's Western Union form and you will get your money immediately.

I actually forgot that the payment came in on the 25th, so I only went to the Bank today. Since i was at the KLCC area, i popped over to the RHB Bank at Suria KLCC.

Before going out to the bank, i clicked on the Google Adsense Payment History and printed out the current month's payment details.

Then at RHB, i just filled up the Western Union "To Receive Money" Form and handed it to the bank teller together with my IC. And in 10 mins he called me to collect my cash in Ringgit!!! Yes that was it!! So so so simple and guess what?? You don't need to pay the "check transaction fee" that Maybank always charges!! AND AND .... RHB can collect Bonuslink points too for Western Union cash transfers!! :) hehe

SO now you must be wondering how do i switch the Google Adsense payment from Check to Western Union??

Simple :

  1. Sign in to your account at www.google.com/adsense.
  2. Visit the My Account tab.
  3. Click the 'edit' link adjacent to the 'Payment Details' header.
  4. Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
  5. Click 'Continue'.
  6. Click 'Save Changes' to save your payment type.

So once you have set up your Google Adsense Account as above, then all you need to do when you next receive your Adsense payment is to :

  1. Go to a Malaysian Bank that has Western Union (Locate one near u)
  2. Bring the following info with you
  • Your IC (or valid government-issued photo ID (Passport, Driver's license, National ID etc)
  • Sender's information: Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA. Phone Number: 650-253-4000
  • Amount of your payment, which you can find on your Payment History page
  • Your unique MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) which you can find by clicking on the 'details' link next to the Payment Issued line on your Payment History page
  • (Actually all you need is your IC and Print the "Payment Issued Line", and that will have the MTCN number and Google's address and that's done!)

My suggestion to you guys who receive Google Adsense checks ... Do switch from Check to Western Union, cos it realy speeds up the whole process!! Hope u find the above experince useful!

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