Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I just Checked In at the Oriental Bangkok .... simply gorgeous

Woo hoo!! You heard me right!!! I am now in Bangkok .... enjoying the luxuries of The Oriental Bangkok. (in case u didnt know .... won tons and tons of awards as the Best Hotel in the World!]

But first how did i get here? I am attending a Revenue Management & Pricing Conference in Bangkok which my GM recently approved! :) YAY!

Anyway ... coming back to this lovely hotel. Thought i should Blog when i have the time to put up what I've seen. After all it is my first time in Bangkok .. so a bit blurr on what to do.

So why lah i am Blogging now... when i am in Bangkok!! Okies... see u all. Am going down to the Concierge to find out what's kicking in Bangkok!!

I had to take this picture. Being a first timer to Bangkok... was a bit blurr on how to get to the hotel from the Airport. By the way the New Airport in Bangkok is like half done. Was told by the Car Driver that the airport opened 4 months ago, but most of the walls and pillars in the airport are still in cement. Normally shouldnt it be clad in marble or tiles or at least painted over?
Anyway .... the story of the pic above. I booked this Car from the Airport. THere was a sign that stated that they were the official car ride from the Airport. So i went over to the counter and they asked me if i wanted to book the BMW 7 Series. Errr... i thought better save my company some money and asked for the cheapest Car ride to Oriental Bankok.
They had the Toyota Camry available at Baht 1100.. so i said OK! They walked me out to the driveway ... and guess what? What a Blessing .... it was a BMW 7 Series car that awaited me.
Woo Hoo!! My first time in a BMW 7 Series ... nice and comfy car!! :)

When i arrived at the Oriental Bangkok, i was greeted by many people.
I was given this little hand garland thingy.
Err... any idea what do i do with it now? Trash it? Hmmmmm!

Checked in at the Oriental Bankok Superior Room. The room is huge, and faces the Pool. What more can i ask for rite?
Loved the bed, cos its really high .. yeah .. for tall people like me! :) hehe
And Notice the White Remote by the Bedside Table .... YES ... i have my own Bose Sound System! That's is so fabulous!!!

So I thot a Room Picture without the Bathroom will be kinda empty.
So here's a shot of the bathroom. Its huge too, with a separate shower stall, separate bathroom, and double sink to wash at including this Bathtub! Cooool huh?
More to come ...... gonna check out the Concierge now!!


Anonymous said...

awesome hotel :P have fun!!

Find Bangkok Hotels said...

Wishing you have a good trip in Bangkok and Good luck. By the way i will waiting for your sharing traveling story on next time.