Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tour of the Oriental Bangkok

Before i set off for my Walking Adventure, i had the privlege of taking a small tour of the infamous Oriental Bangkok.
I met up with Kitima, the Reservations Manager, who took me for a quick tour (hotel was busy running above 95% in Occupancy). So took a few pics.

[Oh yeah... my camera died on me! So so so sad ... .... good by Canon! Thank God my Sony Ericsson K750i has a 2 megapixels in built camera]

The Oriental Bangkok's lobby is beautiful. Its not the High Tech type of a hotel. Its a nice colonial type of hotel. With a history going back more than a hundred years.
An elephant again .. rite in the Lobby!! :)
The people were super friendly. I guess its also the Thai Culture, they all look so humble and sweet and nice and willing to serve.

Went over to Sala Rim Naam. Such a beautiful restaurant that serves Authenthic Thai Food. They also have a Thai Cultural Dance show each nite.

The tables & chair is unique. Cos when you seat down, your legs actually goes beneath the table. Pretty cool huh. Hope u can see it in the pic above, cos the ambience was quite dark.

We also went over to the Mandarin Oriental Spa. It was a beautiful SPA with 14 rooms and loads of cool spa stuff!!

Its amazing that The Oriental Bangkok has this cool Shuttle Boat that crosses the Chao Phraya River. The Oriental Hotel has a building opposite the river with the Spa, Restaurants and a Cooking Class and Fitness Centre.

And this Free Shuttle Boat also brings all guests to the Sky Train. So its a pretty cool transport by the hotel. I love the Oriental Bangkok!

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