Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Revenue Management Conference - starts

When i walked through the Lobby of the Pan Pacific Bangkok, the doorman ushered me to an elevator that brought me up to the 21st Floor.

Coolness, the Meeting Room was quite longish, and had natural daylight coming thru the windows of the 21st floor. Yup.. it was a good view.

We had so so so so many speakers. I lost count of how many. They each had about 25 minutes to share their points on Revenue Mangement, Price Elasticity, Dymanic Packaging , Hiring & Retaining Revenue Managers. It was really interesting and learned a lot too.

Since it was Revenue Managmenet on the Travel Industry, we had this guy who is the Chairman of One Two Go Airlines, Khun Udon Tantiprasongchai. He's the Thailand equivalent of our Tony Fernandez of Air Asia. Hahahahah .. i trully enjoyed his session, he was super candid on the Low Cost Carrier & Revenue Management, and he shared his theory on Air Asia's One Million Free Seats, which he disapproves!

The Conference will be sending us copies of the presentation in two weeks time. If i can find the slide.. i will try and share it with u all! He was so candid and i found him quite funny! Hmmm ... i hope i didnt lose out in my purchase.

We had lots of good networking with others in the industry and some vendors for revenue management and there were great panels for Q&A too. Overall very good day!!

Also managed to meet up with some old friends. Will try and take some photos tomorrow and share with u all!

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