Sunday, January 07, 2007

Successful AdSense Stories

The following websites are endorsed by Google AdSense to tell their story on their success in gaining Revenue thru Google Ad Sense.

Here are some of the websites featured:
  • - increased ad coverage from 30 to 100 percent using Google AdSense
  • - earned 75 percent of revenues from Google AdSense.
  • - Entrepreneur Dr. Darren Carter sells software and other products for medical coding and billing processes. To grow his e-commerce business, his online marketing strategy now includes Google AdWords to drive traffic to his site; Froogle, to increase visibility and gain customers for his software; and AdSense (AdWords ads on content pages). This powerful combination of all three Google programs is helping him gain traffic, clicks and buyers.
  • - By joining AdSense, Haughey gained ad revenue and kept his readers' respect.
  • - As a frequent flyer, Matt Daimler pays attention to where the best (and worst) seats are on planes. He created to share his knowledge. As the site has grown, so has the need to make money to maintain it. Daimler uses Google AdSense to build revenue
  • - Erin Billy turned to Google AdSense to build a reliable revenue stream
  • Broadband Wireless Exchange - Robert Hoskins met his goal to serve content-targeted ads with Google AdSense, and at the same time found a way to earn revenue on ad space that was previously unsold
  • WiFinder - Scott Rafer had no sales team to make ad revenue something he could count on. Using Google AdSense, Rafer now runs ads related to the entire WiFinder site, winning steady cash flow and revenue for extra staff

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