Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our First Check from Advertlets

Now this is HAPPINESS !! :)

Advertlets slogan is rather suitable for this situation : Advertlets = Money + Happy

Thank GOD for Advertlets, they have provided a 3 Digit Check for us. I sure do hope that we can grow it soon to a 4 Digit Check. :)

In the MAIL from Advertlets

We find it rather cute, that Advertlets mailed us some Stickers together with the Check. What shall we do with the Stickers? Stick it all over the Monitor? hehehe

Well we sure do know what to do with the check. We'll cash it in tomorrow! YAY!!!!

Thanks to Josh & the Advertlets Team. Thanks for making the payment out to us bloggers.

What? U have not joined Advertlets yet? ... Join Advertlets NOW and montize your Blog!

pssst. We cashed out from Advertlets on 23 May, and we received it today ... which is about 3 weeks time!! Much better than AdSense, cos AdSense have to wait another MONTH to clear the Check when u bank it in. At least I know this should be cleared in three days !!! :)

psssst again .. POS Malaysia takes about a week to deliver a local mail. Cos Advertlets sent the check out on 7 June.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats, that's cool. I still got sometimes until paycheck. Wish me luck. Haha