Thursday, June 28, 2007

Irresponsible Malaysians!

So irritating la this moning! Was on my way to the hospital this morning at around 8.30am and as usual the trafiic was slow. And suddenly this kancil just cut into my lane without any signal! Aiyoh! Why this people dunno how to use their indicators. Nearly hit my car!

BUT!!! What got me even more upset was when the driver wound down her window and threw out a tissue! I was like WHAT!??!?! HELLO!! HOw can U do such a thing! So I horn that car lor.

Can U believe this? I was driving along the Tropicana stretch and I would have NEVER expected such an irresponsible act! The driver and 3 other passengers turned back to look at me, as though saying why U horn me?

And U won't believe it they threw out another tissue! Talk about 1st Facilities wuth 3rd class mentalities! Somemore ah this year is VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007! Come COME & see our LITTER!

Please la Malaysians! Learn responsible!!!!

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is what else can you expect of Malaysian's?

This is after all the country where the Semua Pun Boleh mentality rules!

Rauff said...

it's useless....resistance is futile~

Anonymous said...

Sigh .. yes!!! But i was just so shock to see that. Sigh.....

Aren't we in the stage of reaching "Developed Nation" yet?