Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How do obtain over 1,000+ hits in one day for your Blog

Do you know how you can obtain over 900+ unique visitors for one day on your blog?

Do you know how you can obtain over 1000+ hits on your blog in just one day?

Do you know that my increase in hits is over 5,415% in just one day?

The average hits on delephant is humbly 20+ a day, on good days mebbe 50+.

But today StatsCounter recorded a whooping record for our blog. 10 mins to midnight, and we have hit over 1,103 hits!

Let me share with you:

I blogged about Jeanne Abdullah, and shared with PPS a photo of Jeanne that i received. Reason for sharing was becos when i was desperately trying to see how she looked like in Bernama's website, their site was down. (most prob due to the same reason ... everyone was looking for her)

And of course the other factor that helped tremendously, was that EVERYONE seems to be searching for Jeanne Abdullah, check out Google, delephant is currently in 5th position. 3 steps behind, not bad huh?

SO...... the answer to all the above questions ... blog about the latest craze in your country. And try to blog about it from a different point of view. I am sure most bloggers would talk about our PM, Pak Lah, the marriage ... etc. I blogged about Jeanne Abdullah! :) hehe

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zewt said...

and i wonder how many will you get tomm... ;)

dele said...

Hey Zewt
Who knows .... mebbe more???

But i sincerely doubt it. I am sure it will be all over the dailies (newspapers) by today. Most of the curiousity would have simmered!

But FUN while it lasted! :) hehe