Thursday, May 03, 2007

Extreme makeover for the Google AdSense homepage

Following the facelift Google gave their Ad Units (below) at the beginning of April, they've now started the same process for the AdSense homepage.

You may have noticed recently that when you sign in, it's taken on a different appearance (at least sometimes).

Over the next few days, you can expect to see this new homepage design more frequently as Google roll out this change.

If you haven't yet caught a glimpse of the new layout, here's a sneak peek:

Google hope you'll find this new homepage to be more visually appealing. However, please be assured that your AdSense performance and the layout of your internal account pages won't be affected in any way by this change.

A fresh, new look for AdSense ads
You may have noticed that some of your ad units have started to look a little different lately -- Google is happy to announce that, just in time for spring, they've given their standard ad units a fresh makeover.
After extensive testing and research, they’ve found that the new formats are not only visually appealing to users, but they also perform even better for publishers and advertisers. They're in the process of rolling out this change to all ad units, and you should see that your ad units are automatically updated over the next few days.
But, before you rush to make sure all of your ad units still match your site, please be assured that the fonts and colors of your ads won't be changed.

Although it’s not possible to opt out of the new designs, Google hopes that you and your site visitors will find their new ad formats clearer and more attractive. They're always testing new ways to improve the look and feel of our advertisements, so stay tuned for more format options in the future.

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