Monday, August 27, 2007

We Painted Our Rooms on Sunday

Who would ever imagine that I would lift a finger to paint the house? haha! My concept is .. pay someone and get someone to paint it lah :)

We ended up painting TWO feature Walls in our bedrooms yesterday. It was kinda fun!

Check out our Work of Art


Tiff & I .. battled it out .. who paints which room!!

Tiff takes the Master Bedroom (Yellow)

And I took the Guest Bedroom (Lime Green)

DSC00561 DSC00564

Check out the Roller Skills ... Up & Down

as you roll the ici paint on the wall!

DSC00570 DSC00573

Actually its not too difficult. It is definitely easier than painting

with paint brushes and that the roller really keep the paint even on the wall!

DSC00576 DSC00582

Yes we did our GRAFITTI in our Bedrooms.

:) haha the only time we can do it without any worries!


Emily also helped with the Painting ....

DSC00592 DSC00595

Eunice was cool ... she did the Best job!

She help remove all the paint from spots where it was not to be painted.

Thankfully the paint was water based, so just wipe it away with a cloth! KEWL!

DSC00601 DSC00603

Ben was helping us in the Kitchen to fill up

holes in the walls (recent hacking) with some PollyFilla! :)


TA DAH!! Not bad hor? The room is all painted in Yellow!

What might those poles be u may be asking?

DSC00611 DSC00612

Its actually the "skeleton" for our LACK Bookshelf (from Ikea) .

And of course if you were to slide in the Lack Bookshelf like I did,

its very easy to get PAINT on your Head!!!!


We didn't remove the Plastic Covering from the Lack Bookshelves

So just to give u a glimpse of how it would finally look once we move in!


OH YES ... apart from Paint on my head ..

YES ... it was real work .. there was paint all over my hands!! :)

And here's the PROOF .. i WORKED!! haha

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