Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Received a VIRUS File via MSN Messenger

Wah liau!! This must be something new where viruses are being sent via MSN Messenger and without the contact person aware!

Well .. as usual the MSN popped up with a message from a friend, as usual.

And in the Message, was a short message to accept a picture file transfered via MSN.

Well that would be like all other messages that we receive on MSN rite? The only thing is that Rachel hardly sends me photos, or should i correct it, Rachel doesn't send me photos.

All our MSN discussion was always work related. That's when i got suspicious (plus i just spoke to an IT expert two weeks ago about virus sent via MSN ... so it was weird to really see it happening). So I accepted the zip file, and quickly sent an email to Rachel.

From Me:

Hey Rachel

Did u just send me something via MSN .... ?? I think its a Virus!

From Rachel

No ar! Don't open it! I received this file from another user too. Our IT colleague is scanning the virus in our computer now.

So thankfully ... i didn't open the MSN attachment!! So guys .. be careful cos a file transfer can be sent via MSN from a contact that you may know .. but its actually not from them!!

>> Was in discussing this with an Singapore IT expert two weeks ago, and he mentioned that he has seen this happening on MSN Messengers and what's happening is that someone is hijacking the messages from one person to another and using the other person's name and info to send virus/attachments out!! He said .. remember MSN Messenger is running on an unsecured platform!!

Here's a ScreenShot from the MSN Messenger Virus.

The message was simple and believable!!

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