Monday, August 06, 2007

Some Interesting VENTURES for Malaysia

Here are some interesting shops that I saw at the Shopping Malls in Manila which I've not noticed in Malaysia yet. Perhaps some entrepreneur would like to bring this back to Malaysia.
It may just work!!

Good IDEAS for Malaysia


Now this is rather interesting. Its a Fast Food Joint

with a Chicken dressed as a Cowboy.

Most interestingly its called CHURCH Chicken. Mebbe because

Philippines is a Christian nation, mebbe that's why CHURCH Chicken works! :)

Mebbe Malaysia should be Surau Chicken or Masjid Chicken! :)

IMG_2790 IMG_2791

Daniel if you're reading this blog. .. mebbe u should do this!! :)

A Picture Retail Outlet to take pics of Kids and Family! So CooooL! :)

IMG_2758 IMG_2759

Blogged about this on the first day. A Hair Salon for Kids! I think it will

really work in Malaysia! And it should be set up in a MALL, and not a stand alone Salone

by the road or in the SS2 square area! Shopping Mall would reap better benefits !!

IMG_2823 IMG_2827

OOOOOOOhhhhhh I think I Should Start This!!

Its called BAG TAGs and all they do is just produced Tags for your Bags

using Disney Characters. They are quite updated, cos there was a logo of Ratatouille too.

And it was pretty decent to create one, and whilst we were there, the queue of people

creating tags never did stop! :)

IMG_2816 IMG_2822

IMG_2820 IMG_2818

In Malaysia's Malls .... we have lots of Waffle this, Waffle that.

But we don't have real Crepes (pronounced "Crap").

Check out the yummylicious Crepes with Ice Cream and sumptious toppings.


Ha ha Ha!! For those with a good & lame humour

This retail outlet may just work. Its just plain tee shirts

with SPOOF names. Like instead of FEDEX, its FEDUP

and of course some vulgarities were thrown into the Tees..

which i have so cleverly censored from this blog! :)


And MY MOST MOST Fav Idea ......

which i doubt will ever work in Malaysia.


Doesn't it already sound yummy?

Lots of HAM variations! :) oooooh!! :) YEAH!

Psst so if u do start a business because u caught some great ideas from this Blog. Let me know ya! :) Not that i wanna take any credit... but its interesting to share what other countries have and what Malaysia does not have yet, and to see it come to fruition! :)

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