Monday, August 06, 2007

Who Touched My Bum?

In my visit to Manila, I see a central theme by all Security Guards at the Mall. The theme centres around them using their right hand to touch your upper part of your backside each time you walk through the doors of the shopping mall!! HUH!?!?!?!

This is a TRUE STORY, they do use their hands to touch every guy who walks thru the door. I didn't really observe what the female security guard was touching. BUT for a fact, each Shopping Centre would have a LARGE Expense budget for Security, cos they are so many of them around. Its just like Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. (U do know that there are a couple of Mickey Mouses in Disneyland at one given time rite??)

Security Guards in Manila


You see the Security Guards everywhere. They are dressed smartly

in a white pressed uniform and with a Hat.


They stand guard at all Mall Entrances and ensures

that no "bomb" or "weapon" is smuggled into the Malls.

Thus enabling the Malls to be safe for visits by the locals and tourists.


One of the things that they do is they would touch your upper backside.

Check out the right arm of the Male Security Guard!


U see him again now touching a man in a Green Tee!


AND Again for each person that comes in!!

** At this point don't you realize that if any terrorist would to come in into

a shopping mall in Manila, would hide their weapon somewhere else???!!! **

Hmmmmmmmmmm .....

Well until something else changes.....

the question will always remain

.... Who Touched My Bum?

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