Monday, August 06, 2007

Church on the Internet

I am so blest that via the Internet I don't get to miss Church.

I tried contacting some peeps to find a good charismatic church to attend on Sunday. However I didnt get any response from any of them.

But thankfully with the internet I can still worship along and listen to the Word online.

I visited City Harvest's website and found a recent sermon by Dr Peter Wagner on "Church in the Work Place".

City Harvest worship was great and even their announcement was fantastic on the recent Emerge Youth Conference! SO exciting. And Dr Wagner's lesson on Church in The Work Place was really really good. Left me wanting to heard the next session's as well, but unfortunately that was not uploaded online.
Some salient points I caught
  • We are the Church. The Ekklesia = which means People of God
  • The Church takes on Two Forms, The Nuclear (People of God in the Church) and The Extended (People of God in their Workplace)
  • All of us have a role to play as the Church in the Workplace
  • We need to Rise Up and Activate our Roles in our Workplace
  • In the end we should see the People of God doing a Social Transformation!

There are loads of great points, U will need to watch the Sermon online and catch what Dr Wagner was sharing.

The Video that you stream from CHC's website is the entire Church Service ... of all the Worship Session, Offering, Announcement, Word and even Altar Call. So it makes you feel part of the entire church service! Cooool! :)

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