Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Kitchen SET UP - Part One

Our current Kitchen is actually very very small. Actually pretty good for me, cos i ain't no cook! But the typical question that most people have ... eh .. i thot u went to study Hotel Management, didn't they teach u how to cook??

Sigh ... and my typical response to the boring question ... Yes i went to study Hotel MANAGEMENT, i Manage the people to get things done not COOK IT!!! HA ha ha ha! :)

Well. . coming back to the Kitchen. So in our new place ..the Kitchen will actually look much bigger, and we have told the Kitchen company to try and maximize as much space as possible. (Hope we don't regret the "boxed-in" feeling after its all done up).

So the KITCHEN Set Up was rather interesting, cos it has so many parties involved. I never did realized that one skilled worker actually may not or even do not know how to do another skilled person's task. Example, on the day of the Kitchen Cabinet Set Up, none of them knew how to set up the Sink and Taps! (Or so they tell me!)



This is our Kitchen, with the original sink set up.

Was pretty glad that they highligted some colors in the Kitchen

by having different tiles direcly centred in the Kitchen.


Three Workers came to set up the Kitchen in our new place.

You can see they were rather considerate to put a tarp on the floor

to prevent from damaging our tiles. :) GOOD ONE!


I never understood why they never used a trolley to

bring all the stuff up! The three guys carried everything up from the

Lorry to the Unit!! KRAZY!!! Strong .. but Krazy!


They went thru the Kitchen Plans prior to doing anything.

I appreciated that, cos then whatever questions, I was there to tell how it was suppose to go.


Similiarly to the Bonanza Wardrobe, they worked on the Kitchen Cabinets,

sawing and cuting all the edges that didnt' fit.


And it was rather quick when i started seeing 10%, 20%, 30% of the

Kitchen coming to fruition.


We had shelves built in on the TOP as well as at the Bottom,

yups .. wanted to maximize on all SURFACE area to keep things tidy!


They were really professional in handling the Kitchen cabinets.

They joined them and drilled them on with total ease!!


At soon as the Kitchen Cabinets were in place, another

Team of workers came in to measure the Counter Top.

kitchen10 kitchen11

PART ONE of the Kitchen ..... Kitchen Cabinets are all in place.

Now ready for the Cabinet Doors and Marble Counter Top!!!

Sadly ... our door color ran out of stock, so we have to wait a week plus for the

next shipment to come in! So we have come door-less kitchen now! :)

More updates tomorrow!!!

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