Thursday, August 23, 2007

LOUSY Service


Horrible service! We have been ordering RO water from this company called Zone Way Marketing for the past 4 years.

Initially their service was really good hence we kept them as our RO water supplier lor. BUT!!!! BUT!! Dunno what happen to them la the past few times has been especially HORRIBLE!

Actually it has been bad since the beginning of 2007! Instead of getting better they got worst & worst! Aiyoh

1st Bad experience :- Called to order water. They said ok we will send it in 2 days. 1 week passed and still no water, Despite me calling them daily. They said sure send today but each time.....NO WATER!!
Later I called to give them a piece of my mind,..they said oh so sorry madam we are short of staff! I was like is that my problem? U have delayed my water supply for the past 1 week.

2nd Bad experience:- Ordered water & they delievered without calling me. I stay in a condo.....which means I do not have storage space....I told them pls call me so that I can return the empty bottles to them...............simple instructions right? THEY CALLED and I told them I am just 5 minutes away.....wait for me........I arrived home to find 7 bottles of water sitting at my door way! I was furious! I just spoke to them and told them to wait! THEY LEFT!! What's wrong with this people? So I am left with 9 empty bottles!

So I call them again and say cqn your delivery truck turn back and collect the empty bottles? They said can can no problem........just leave it outside & we will collect it............and so it was left outside for 8 days la!

3rd Bad experience :- Order water again.....and told them please call me before U send the water as I won't be home. Told them call me & I will make my way back to receive the delivery! 5pm in the evening NO CALL from them. So I called Zone Way and a lady answered the phone & says...dun worry water will come & they will call U first before sending!

Come 6pm,7pm,8pm no calls.........and when I arrived back home this is what I found! 6 bottles of water just left outside my door! What kind of a service is this? I have had several other incidences with them la.....I won't bother going into it....I am sure U get the picture.

LOUSY SERVICE! So people if U're looking to order water........RO Water..........dun dun DUN order from Zone Way Marketing! Otherwise U'll leave to regret it!
SIGH! I never wanted to go public with this but they never learn!

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