Saturday, August 04, 2007

Your name is not on our Flight Reservation

When I arrived at KLIA this morning, I was confused by the Electrical Board that shows the Departure Time and the Check In Counter.

U know that feeling rite? U walk in, into KLIA ... look around ... A B C D E F G ... err which row should i venture to? So no choice... stare up at the Electric Board lor.

The Electric Board shows planes departing from KLIA and now also includes flights departing from LCCT. So the list was really long. So it took me a while to actually find the MH 704 flight to Philippines.

Finally .... saw it in the corner .... check in at ROW C.

GOT A SHOCK when I arrived at Row C!!


There were sooooooo many people lining up to check in at Row C (Which is also the generic MAS Check In section). The line was snaking back two rows, I peered to the left and saw that the MAS Domestic line was WORST!


I cannot believe it that despite the queue being so long, out of 13 Counters available at Row C, only TWO .... and i repeat TWO were open to help us check in! How Can?

I commented to my colleague, maybe if they open all 13 counters and check us all in so fast, then KLIA will look like there's no crowd!! Sigh!!

Well the BIGGEST SIGH came when we finally reached the Check In Counter. Which took about 18 minutes of lining up to reach. The lady that was checking in took a long time. A much much longer time than usual. So i couldnt help but asked...

me : Is there a problem?

MAS : Umm ... i can't find your name on our Flight Reservation

me : Huh? But you are holding my Airline Ticket!

MAS : ummm.. yes.. did you book thru an Agent?

me : Yes yes.. my company's travel agent handles our ticketing. BUT how can i be holding a Ticket and not be listed in your flight reservaiton?

MAS : umm .. unintelligible .... always like that one booking with Travel Agent ...

me : Is this a Full Flight?

MAS : Found a seat for you ... and No its not a full flight.

YIKES!! How can like that one? If it was a full flight to Manila surely will be deferred to the next day cos MAS / Philippines Airlines code shares and flies once a day! Thankfully we made it into the plane!

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