Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mirror Mirror on The Wall!!!

I love Mirrors!! I simply love Mirrors! :)

I like them BIG, shining, borderless and lots of them! :)

I just wanted to share with you an excellent Mirror that we bought from IKEA.

When we initally asked for a quote for a Bathroom Mirror from Wall to the Shower Screen (Remember I like BIG MIRRORS!), a contractor quoted us over RM1000+. :(
Yes, I was really shocked at the high price. Since it was so expensive, we decided to forego the Big Mirror and just buy a small one from Ikea or one of those Bath shops! :(

AND THEN!!! When we went shopping at Ikea last weekend, we found this PERFECT Mirror at Ikea.

Its called a HOVET Mirror and the measurement is 78cm x 196cm. Its simply Perfect !!


Its as if Ikea has made the Hovet specially for us

The cost is RM315 .. (3 times cheaper)

The Hovet actually stretches from the Wall to the Shower Screen with about 3 inches to spare. And it has a good height too.
So we asked one of our contractor to help set it up today .. and its just PERFECT


Check out the Hovet Mirror ....

It really covers the entire wall of the Bathroom!

AWESOME Mirror On the Wall! :)

I'm Lovin' It!!!

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